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Colton Underwood Explains The Empty Ring Box Promo!

Colton Underwood Cassie RandolphColton Underwood Cassie Randolph

It’s very clear that Bachelor couple Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph are very happy, but fans still have a lot of questions.

The most notable question is why did ABC use a promo of Underwood holding an empty ring box if he never even questioned proposing to Randolph in the first place?

The good news is the 27-year-old is answering that very question for us!

“That was something we decided to do [to stir up speculation over the ending],” he told Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday, March 13 after the finale.

“Obviously, my season was very unique and very different in many ways. There’s gonna be a lot of twists and turns that people didn’t see coming.”

He continued, “I like to troll a little bit on social media too, so I was all for the fun and games.”

The other big thing fans want to know is if Underwood has lost his virginity, but the former football star isn’t spilling any secrets.

“I think [my decision not to reveal if I had sex] came on just naturally, with me talking about it earlier while the show was still airing,” he explained.

“The whole dynamic of me being open and candid in regards to my virginity goes out the door when you are in a relationship because there are two people involved now. It is always a conversation with your partner, how much you want to reveal.”

He continued, “Yes, I put myself in the spotlight with being on a national television show and disclosing that, but in my opinion, I have been very generous on how much I have opened myself up about it. I can just take that right back for a little bit and live my life in private.”

Do you think Underwood has officially lost his v-card? Let us know what you think!

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