Will and Paul: The Couple Days of Our Lives Never Saw Coming

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Resurrecting Will surely had one mission when it was scripted by the Days of Our Lives writing team: reuniting supercouple “Wilson.”

However, as Chandler Massey’s return to the popular role has played out, the story seems to have spun off in an unexpected direction. Suddenly, the re-pairing of Will and Sonny (Freddie Smith) appears to be a distant long shot, while the coupling of Will and Paul (Christopher) looks like the sure thing.

How did things deviate so fast and furiously? There are few reasons behind the unpredictable and totally out-of-left-field twist.

Comfort Level
There’s no denying the comfortability between actors Massey and Christopher.
From their very first scene, it was as if they were old friends, who had worked together for years.

There was an effortless flow to their dialogue, an ease and familiarity between them. It was as if they were the estranged twosome you were supposed to be rooting for.

Sputter and Spark
Aside from their easy working relationship, there’s also a definite spark between the two actors. Massey is clearly the one driving things with the way Will smiles and leers at Paul.

Will is well aware of how uneasy it makes Paul, and he feeds off it, sometimes chuckling at his reaction. Christopher plays the befuddled object of Will’s infatuation subtly, yet sincerely.

Stolen Kisses
The pair’s kisses have been pretty powerful, too. The first time Will surprised Paul by planting one on him in his room at the Martin House, Paul was aghast.

Will surprised Paul again by following that up with a New Year’s Eve kiss, blaming it on the midnight tradition. Only this time, he ‘fessed up to being attracted to Paul, adding more fuel to the already burning fire.

In the Moment
While Sonny’s hung up on the Will of the past, the man he married and planned to spend the rest of his life with, Paul has accepted Will as the man he is today. That acceptance has made Paul super attractive to Will, because he can totally be himself around him.

And that’s the stuff that successful relationships are made of. So, if Sonny has any hope of derailing Will and Paul, he needs to zone in a present day Will and start wooing him from square one.

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