Why Belle and Shawn Are Handling Jan All Wrong on Days of our Lives

Days of our Lives Shawn, Jan and BelleDays of our Lives Shawn, Jan and Belle

How did things ever get so out of hand on Days of our Lives? Jan Spears colluded with the Devil — literally, not figuratively — to pretend to be Belle Black Brady so she could rape Belle’s husband, Shawn Brady.

Days of our Lives: Oh, Baby

Now Jan (Heather Lindell) is pregnant, presumably with Shawn’s (Brandon Beemer) child. And, instead of making her pay for the violation, Shawn is rolling out the red carpet for Jan, getting her out of prison, and living with her — while Belle (Martha Madison) pouts and storms out and kisses former clients and acts like Shawn cheated on her. Bad move, guys. So, so many bad, bad moves.

DAYS: Fault Lines

First of all, Belle needs to stop acting like Shawn is at fault here. Jan is playing wife against husband, and Belle is letting her — like an idiot. This is the time when Belle and Shawn should be presenting a united front, not bickering amongst themselves.

Days of our Lives: Two Is Greater Than One

And what should they be presenting this united front to do? Why, to get Jan out of their lives, that’s what! First and foremost, Jan is currently in prison. Shawn only got her out because the stress was supposedly bad for the baby. But once little Hope Gertrude is born, the baby won’t be an issue anymore. And Jan can go right back to jail. Where she belongs.

DOOL: Chain of Custody

Sure, some mothers are allowed to keep their newborns with them in prison. But do we really think a judge would decree that a baby is better off behind bars than she would be with her biological father and stepmother in a home without criminals lurking around every corner?

Belle needs to make it clear that she will never leave Shawn, that she intends to support him in getting Jan’s baby away from her, and then they need to rent Jan her own apartment where she can while away the hours until giving birth…and then send her right back to where she came from.

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