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DAYS Spoilers Speculation: This Person Outsmarts Gabi and Stefan

Stefan and Gabi DiMera think they’ve got a full-proof plan.

days spoilers speculation banner over stefan and gabi dimera.Who will outsmart Stefan and Gabi DiMera?

DAYS spoilers speculation show us a Stefan and Gabi who figure they got the best of Dimitri. They can certainly outsmart Rachel – and, through her, Rachel’s mother. The scheming has begun and things are definitely heating up. So, who is going to stop them?

DAYS Spoilers Speculation

Stefan (Brandon Barash) and Gabi (Camilla Banus) need something they can use against Kristen in order to claim her shares. They figure Rachel (Finley Rose Slater), who blabbed about Dimitri and Leo’s sleepover, could be another excellent source of information. And if not information, they can use her as a bargaining chip between Kristen and Brady. But, there is one detail they haven’t thought about yet.

Days of our Lives: The Long Arm of the Law

Even if Gabi and Stefan do find something they can take to Brady (Eric Marstolf) to use against Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) in a custody battle, what makes them think any judge would pay attention? The Salem courts have already overlooked Kristen’s multiple jail terms, her murder sprees, and her past kidnapping stints. It seems everyone has forgotten why she was so excited to see “Christopher.” Yeah, that’s what Kristen named Tate (Jamie Martin Mann) when she literally stole him out of Theresa’s womb and gestated and birthed him as her own.

Not to mention, a few weeks ago, a man was literally shot in the house where Kristen is raising Rachel. Even that doesn’t seem to have tipped the scales in Brady’s favor one iota. The poor guy made a few threats while brandishing a gun and he’s treated worse than the scheme Queen herself.

DAYS: Little Girl Blue

Of course, much of Brady’s problem is that Rachel was the one who called the cops on him which led to Kristen winning custody. No matter what Stefan and Gabi get out of Rachel, she’ll find a way to make herself and Kristen look good, while the rest are left in the dust. They think they can outsmart a little girl. But this is a little girl who, given the chance, would have outsmarted the Devil. (And, in this town, she might yet get the chance to.)

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