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Steve Johnson Vows To Find His Sweetness No Matter What

DAYS recap for Monday, March 27, 2023: It’s a tall order, but if anyone can do it, it’s the artist formerly known as Patch!

days of our live recap for monday, march 27, 2023, steve johnson is overcome with emotionSteve Johnson is overcome with emotion.

On today’s Days of our Lives, Steve Johnson was heartened by the revelation that his beloved wife was among the living. Now if only he could find her.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Megan (Miranda Wilson) left her emboldened prey with more questions than answers, Hope (Kristian Alfonso) was thrilled with the news of Ciara’s (Victoria Konefal) pregnancy, and Roman (Josh Taylor) clued Eric (Greg Vaughan) in on his surprise itinerary. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Steve Johnson Isn’t Leaving Things To Chance

At Megan’s no longer secret compound, the villainess came to after her brief sojourn into unconsciousness and rued how out of line Bo (Peter Reckell) had gotten. She vowed she’d see him put back on course, but no sooner had she done that than Steve (Stephen Nichols) appeared, gun in hand.

Megan inquired as to whether or not Steve was interested in catching up, but he was only interested in ensuring that she paid for “playing God with people’s lives.” Steve declared that Megan was going to prison for murdering Marlena, Kayla (Mary Beth Evans), and Kate (Lauren Koslow) and delighted in telling her that it was Orpheus (George DelHoyo) who ratted her out as the one who made off with the orchid that could have saved the women’s lives.

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But Megan had news for Steve. First, she only arranged for the purloining of the orchid, and second, she did it with the intention of saving the ailing femmes. Third, and most important, “Your Sweetness is alive!”

And while Steve blanched at the very idea, John hovered over Marlena’s prone form, still housed in her cryogenic tube, blubbering at the sight.

Though he managed to free “Doc” from her confines, John grew alarmed when she failed to rouse. Luckily Dr. Rolf (Richard Wharton) happened upon the scene, and he was conscripted into bringing Marlena around.

Soon enough, “the living testament” to Rolf’s genius was awake and mewing for her man. As husband and wife cuddled and cooed over one another, Rolf termed himself a third wheel and got going.

John was flabbergasted — and also not — to be apprised of Kayla and Kate’s likewise resurrections and Kate’s subsequent execution.

When Steve and Megan joined the duo, Marlena happily informed Steve that Kayla was alive as well, and Megan preened that she had been telling the truth.

days of our live recap for monday, march 27, 2023, steve wanted the truth from megan as marlena and john watched
Steve Johnson wanted the truth from Megan.

Steve then set out on his own search and rescue mission, leaving John and Marlena to contend with a conditionally contrite Miss Hathaway.

“Regardless of what you think, I didn’t set out to hurt anyone. I was just trying to mend my broken heart,” Megan offered.

“You don’t have a heart,” corrected Marlena, adding, “You proved that when you killed Kate.” Megan conceded that she had issued the kill order but confessed that it wasn’t she who pulled the trigger.

When John wondered who, in fact, did, Megan cryptically quipped, “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

Opposite this, Steve’s efforts failed to produce Kayla, but he did stumble upon her anchor pendant.

DAYS Recap: Bo Brady’s Not Quite Himself

Unbeknownst to the heroic trio, only moments earlier, Kayla and Bo had exited the compound and engaged in an argument over their next moves.

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Kayla very much wanted to return and save Marlena, and Bo very much didn’t. He had plans of his own, and much to Kayla’s chagrin, they didn’t include offering assistance to any other damsels or reuniting with his kith and kin.

Quickly deducing that Bo had been brainwashed by Megan, Kayla tried appealing to her brother’s better angels, but it was to no avail. Instead, he forced her, at gunpoint, to accompany him to the island’s boat ramp…and considering his confession to shooting Kate dead, Kayla didn’t object too strenuously.

days of our live recap for monday, march 27, 2023, bo brady holds a gun on kayla
Bo Brady is obviously not in his right mind.

Among the possessions that Bo carried with him: the much-prized orchid that has goodies and baddies galore in a tizzy.

Harris Michaels Scores Two Big Wins

Elsewhere, at an ISA facility in Fredrick, Maryland, to be exact, a horrified Ciara took Hope to task for locking lips with Harris Michaels (Steve Burton). “Daddy would be rolling over in his grave if he could see you now,” the young woman spat out before begging her mother to confess that she was actually using Harris to get information.

By way of explanation, Hope offered that Harris was not the man that he once was and that he’d actually been conditioned by Megan to commit all those heinous crimes, including shooting her at their wedding ceremony the previous year.

What’s more, he’s been willingly deprogrammed — “and he went through Hell doing it.” — and he recovered memories that could very well be leading Steve and John to Megan’s hideaway as they speak.

Ciara still hedged…and Harris couldn’t help but concur. He also issued both Ciara and Hope sincere-sounding apologies for his past actions.

days of our live recap for monday, march 27, 2023, ciara and hope look unconvinced
Ciara wasn’t sure what to make of Hope Brady’s defense of Harris.

That seemed to sway Ciara to an extent, and Hope drove it home by reminding her how people first reacted when she got together with Ben. How they had argued there was no way that he had changed. “You believed that he deserved a second chance. I believe that Harris does too.”

Moving swiftly on, Ciara had news for Hope. “And it’s the good kind of news. Baby Bo is going to be a big brother!” Hope decreed that that wasn’t good news, it was GREAT news, and wrapped Ciara in the warmest, tightest of hugs.

Once Ciara made tracks back to her and Ben’s (Robert Scott Wilson) hotel room, Hope marveled over Ciara’s seeming acceptance of her and Harris’s relationship. “Brady women are not usually easily swayed.”

Harris confessed to fearing that he might relapse and floated the idea of putting distance between him and Hope until they knew for sure that he was no longer a threat, but Hope wouldn’t hear of it. She’s more than capable of taking care of herself.

DOOL Recap: Fare Thee Well

Back in Salem, Roman got Eric up to speed on John and Steve’s adventuring, and Eric wondered why his pops hadn’t joined the homegrown Avengers.

Roman explained that he was setting off on an adventure of his own: spreading “Kate’s” ashes. Before Kate had gotten sick for the second time, they’d been discussing honeymoon destinations.

“I suggested Paris, Rome, and Rio, but her heart was set on the Emerald Isle…Kate admitted to me that she liked being a Brady…she wanted to know where we came from.”

So, with that in mind, he was meeting up with Austin, Carrie, and Billie, and they were putting Kate to rest. Tis a pity that Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) won’t be present, but you know, the jail of it all.

Eric offered to accompany Roman and even say a few words at the service, but Roman put him in charge of the pub, sure as he was that it was in the best hands.

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