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Days of our Lives Character Recap: Who Is Megan Hathaway?

Megan Hathaway has a deep Days of our Lives past.

megan hathaway is back on days of our lives and learn about herMegan Hathaway likes to wreak havoc.

It’s been decades since Miranda Wilson debuted as Megan Hathaway on Days of our Lives. She was spoiled, rich, and aching to reunite with her first love, Bo Brady. Problem is, he had fallen in love with Hope Williams.

Days of our Lives Megan Hathaway

But that didn’t stop Megan, who plotted and schemed to win back Bo (Peter Reckell). Here’s a refresher course on the character.

The DAYS Entrance

Megan made her first appearance in 1984, arriving in Salem with her adopted father, Maxwell Hathaway. (It would eventually be revealed that she was the biological daughter of Stefano DiMera.) She was Bo’s ex-girlfriend. Megan thought Bo had abandoned her, while Bo thought she had lost interest in him when she wouldn’t answer his letters or take his calls. The pair soon discovered Megan’s mother had orchestrated their split.

Megan Hathaway: Girl on a Mission

Megan was determined to win Bo back, but he had happily moved on with Hope (Kristian Alfonso). Undeterred, she told Bo that she was pregnant when he left town. She claimed she had the baby and gave it up for adoption. Bo softened towards Megan, sympathizing with what she must have gone through.

New Orleans Days of our Lives Adventure

Megan became involved with obtaining three powerful prisms. Stefano was suffering from an inoperable brain tumor, and the prisms were the only way to save his life. Meanwhile, Bo agreed to help Megan track down their lovechild, a search that led them to New Orleans.

Unbeknownst to Bo, Megan conspired to have Diane killed, steal her son, and concoct a pair of adoptive parents who would give Megan and Bo “their” child back. Bo saved Diane but went along with Megan’s scheme to stay close to her and, ultimately, get to Stefano.

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Murder, Meghan Hathaway Wrote

After Hope ended her sham of a marriage to Larry (Andrew Masset) and became a free woman, Megan became increasingly jealous of her nemesis. Determined to keep Hope from Bo, Megan plotted to eliminate the competition by killing her. She put a diabolical plan in motion to electrocute Hope in a hot tub at the spa.

The DOOL Plot Backfires

Megan was tinkering with the wiring connected to the hot tub when she heard Larry talking about the prisms. Megan confronted him and threatened to expose his plot to blow up Salem. A furious Larry struggled with Megan, and, in the process, she ended up dead. Panicked, Larry tossed Megan’s body into the hot tub. Then, discovering some drawings laying out Megan’s twisted plot, Larry crossed some wires and electrocuted her. Hope arrived and found Megan, making her the prime murder suspect.

Megan Hathaway Resurrected

In 2022, Megan resurfaced alive. It turned out Stefano had cryogenically frozen his daughter until she could be brought back to life. She promptly had Harris (Steve Burton) kidnap Steve (Stephen Nichols) and John (Drake Hogestyn), then brainwashed them into helping her retrieve the last of the three prisms, believing they had magical cure-all powers and the ability to bring the dead back to life.

Once Megan had all three in her possession, she used them to bring someone from her past back to life. The cryogenic tube opened, and there was Bo.

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