Stephanie Johnson Asks Alex Point Blank That Million-Dollar Question

In the Days of our Lives recap for Thursday, January 12, 2023, answers are very much in demand from Stephanie Johnson.

alex kiriakis holds stephanie johnson in her doorway in days of our lives recapStephanie Johnson and Alex

This Days of our Lives recap features a determination to get to the bottom of things, inconvenient truths exposed, and more.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In this episode, Stephanie Johnson put Alexander Neil Kiriakis in the hot seat, Rex was clued into a well-kept family secret, and two deceased Salemites were mourned far and wide. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Stephanie Johnson Wants The Truth And Nothing But

Grief and pangs of guilt are eating Stephanie (Abigail Klein) alive. Why did she turn her phone off minutes before she was greatly in demand? Did she even do it? After all, she almost never silences her ringer, let alone shut the whole device down. If only she could figure out exactly what happened that night.

For his part, a visiting Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) did his utmost to absolve his cousin-in-law-cum-boss-cum bestie of any personal recriminations. If there’s anybody who knows from unwarranted self-blame, it’s Chad.

Stephanie was comforted. Somewhat. The card made for her by Thomas (Cary Christopher) and Charlotte DiMera did wonders. Still, she just couldn’t reconcile that she was busy getting busy with Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) when her mother passed away.

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Then, a lightbulb moment. Is it possible, even conceivable, that Alex messed with her cell when she stepped into the other room to get more comfortable? When Alex came calling, Stephanie put the question to him. Alex seemed poised to answer, but will he man up and tell the truth? The jury’s still out.

days of our lives recap has alex wearing a grey suit and blue shirt as he faces stephanie johnson

Days of our Lives Recap: Honesty Is The Best Policy

Earlier in the day, Alex did confess his trespass to Sonny Kiriakis (Zach Tinker). Upon suitably dogging his brother, whom he expected to know better — for some reason — Sonny strongly suggested that Alex make a clean breast of things. Stephanie will appreciate his honesty, Sonny argued. No, no she won’t, countered Alex.

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Lucas Horton Spills The Beans About His Baby Brother

When Rex (Kyle Lowder) paid Lucas Horton (Bryan Dattilo) a visit at Statesville, he wound up assisting Lucas in his struggle to stay on the wagon — damn you Orpheus! — and learning that Kate had arranged for their brother Philip, who experienced a mental breakdown over his obsession with Chloe, to be taken out of town and deposited in a sanitarium that wasn’t Bayview.

Furthermore, Roman (Josh Taylor) has been in the know almost from the beginning because Kate wasn’t about to lie to the man that she loved. Again. And not for the fifth or sixth time.

Rex was shocked, not the least bit because this was yet another sibling that he’d have to reach out to and inform of Kate’s death. It was bad enough breaking the news to Austin Reed and Cassie, and Billie’s still out there somewhere playing spy games, unaware of the tragedy. But sure, he’d reach out. And for good measure, he’d also put the guard who allowed Orpheus’s bullying of Lucas to go unchallenged, on notice. Kate Roberts’s kids stick together, don’t ya know?

roman brady at the pub with a purple glittered urn with kate's ashes
Roman with Kate’s ashes

DOOL Recap: Mourning Becomes Them

Kate and Kayla are dead, a fact that isn’t lost on their nearest and dearest. Abe (James Reynolds) and Paulina (Jackée Harry) made every effort to make Roman feel a little less alone, not that he would, not with Kate’s ashes keeping him company.

Elsewhere, Jada Hunter (Elia Cantu) offered Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols) her full support, then left him to get down to the business of packing up Kayla’s office. He made it about as far as going through a book on his sweetheart’s desk — one which she used to press a flower gifted by her Patch — before breaking down in tears. Luckily, Jada dropped a hint to Abe, who picked it right up and went to go see his dear friend and try to help him with some words of wisdom and a shoulder to lean on.

steve johnson grieved for his wife kayla with the help of dear friend abe carver
Steve is comforted by Abe.

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