Will Stephanie Johnson Forgive Alex Kiriakis On DAYS?

Will Stephanie Johnson think Alex made the ultimate mistake?

will stephanie johnson forgive alexWill Stephanie Johnson forgive Alex?

Alex Kiriakis was really looking forward to finally hitting the sheets with Stephanie Johnson on Days of our Lives. They both brought enough condoms to get them through the night…and maybe the year. So when Stephanie was out of the room, and her phone rang, Alex hit the ignore button. It rang again. He ignored it again. Chad DiMera stopped calling.

DAYS Polling

Of course, Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) neglected to mention Chad called. Stephanie only learned what Chad wanted to tell her when he burst in on her and Alex in bed — and told Stephanie her mother was dying. Stephanie rushed to Kayla’s bedside but was too late. Kayla died without saying goodbye to her baby girl. Will Stephanie ever forgive Alex for his duplicity — once she finds out about it? Here’s what almost 2,000 fans expect to see.

Time Is On Our Side

She will, 21% of the audience agrees, but it will take her a while. At least the length of time that passes before she learns the truth. So the longer Alex waits to confess, the longer it will take him to win her back.

Difficult Times

What did Alex do that was so wrong, 23% wonder. Stephanie (Abigail Klein) wasn’t there to hear her phone, so she wouldn’t have answered anyway. And if she wanted to check if she had any missed calls before she slipped into bed with Alex, she would have. Alex didn’t know her mom was at death’s door. It was an innocent — and forgivable — mistake.

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In Control

But 56% are standing firm. Stephanie should never forgive Alex. He made the decision to keep her from Chad’s (Billy Flynn) call, and that kept her from being with her mom during Kayla’s (Mary Beth Evans) last moments. There is no excuse he could make that would fix that.

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