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Sloan Petersen Goes After Chanel and Paulina With A Civil Lawsuit

The Days of our Lives recap for Friday, January 13, 2023, sees big bad wolf Sloan Petersen darkening Chanel’s door.


On today’s Days of our Lives, Sloan Petersen lowered the boom on her favorite metaphorical punching bags — the mother and daughter team of Paulina and Chanel.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition to Chanel’s blindside, Sonny Kiriakis (Zach Tinker) found himself being taken to task for believing in his fellow man. Elsewhere, Leo (Greg Rikaart) unknowingly dug his own — again, metaphorical — grave, and Alexander (Robert Scott Wilson) is forever banished from the life of his ladylove.

Sloan Petersen Plays Dirty

Just when Chanel thought she was free and clear, enter Sloan to tell her otherwise. Sloan may have lost out on her chance to get justice in a criminal court, but she still has a chance in a civil one — and she intends to take it.

And no, it doesn’t matter that Chanel is sorry for what happened. Chanel can be as sorry as she wants. Chanel can swear that she didn’t mean to kill Sloan’s mother as many times as she wants. And Chanel can swear that she was the victim and Sloan’s father, a predator, as many times as she wants. But nothing is going to change the fact that Sloan is now an orphan. And nothing is going to sway Sloan from seeking vengeance. She’s going to see to it that Chanel pays. And Chanel’s mother too.

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Warns the legal eagle: “When I’m done with this civil court, you can bet your money that the only thing left of Paulina Price’s fortune will be the crumbs from that pathetic little bakery of yours!” Of course, when Paulina (Jackée Harry) arrives at her daughter’s apartment, she’s not nearly as up in arms as Chanel. Someone as rich as Paulina is used to nuisance suits. What Paulina can’t stand is how Sloan worried her darling daughter — that cannot be allowed to go unchallenged!

Meanwhile, Chanel’s other half, Allie (Lindsay Arnold), is at the hospital, hoping to see her grandmother Marlena. Will (Chandler Massey) stops by and wants to keep her company as they wait, and soon they are joined by Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes). Oh no, she forgot something at the house — her rosary, which she wants. No worries — Will can head over there and fetch it for her! Such a helpful guy!

julie williams sits with allie horton and will horton as they worry about marlena days of our lives recap
Allie, Will, and Julie

Days of our Lives Recap: Bad Habit

Sonny is a dope. He’s far too trusting and naive. So says Chad (Billy Flynn). And it’s not that Chad wants to believe that deep down everyone is devious and cruel and out for themselves. It’s just that doing so is easy. It also helps protect him against disappointment.

Gosh, how much easier, how much better would Sonny’s life be if he could see the wisdom in Chad’s words? For one thing — and Chad is very quick to point this out — Sonny wouldn’t be feuding with his husband over Leo’s looming presence in their lives.

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For another, Sonny wouldn’t be so damned disillusioned with his big brother. If Sonny just thought the worst of everyone, he wouldn’t be at all surprised that Alex inadvertently caused Stephanie Johnson (Abigail Klein) to miss the passing of her mother.

Alex Learns That Actions Can Have Serious Consequences

Speaking of Alex…when Stephanie inquires as to whether or not he was the one who turned off her phone, he answers in the affirmative. He also issues a very sincere apology.

He’s sorry. So, so sorry. He had absolutely no idea that Chad was calling with such important news. He just figured his love rival had dreamed up some excuse to interrupt their alone time. Chad has done it before, after all.

stephanie johnson is devastated and wants alex kiriakis to leave the condo days of our lives recap
Stephanie and Alex

But sorry isn’t good enough for Stephanie. She’s angry, furious even. Possibly even raging. She can’t stand to look at Alex for a second, and she wants him out. OUT! And she wants to never see his face ever again. EVER!

DOOL Recap: Self Preservation

Leo can’t speak for Gwen (Emily O’Brien), but he, for one, does not want to go to prison for aiding and abetting Xander. For that reason, and that reason alone, Leo worked overtime to convince Gwen to flip on her favorite Scottish scoundrel with a bod to be envied. His efforts were all for naught.

Not even a session with Sloan Petersen — who parroted most of Leo’s pretty sound argument — could sway Gwen. She was staying loyal to Xander. End of discussion. But that wasn’t the end.

sloan petersen wearing green is in the horton house with leo stark and gwen rizczech
Sloan, Leo, and Gwen

During a private confab with former counsel, Leo floated the idea of anonymously testifying against Xander in exchange for immunity. Why would he do such a thing? He didn’t want to risk Sonny — the only true friend that he’s ever had — finding out what he did…which he soon will considering Will, there to retrieve the rosary, was eavesdropping and soaking up all the spilled tea.

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