Days of our Lives Recaps: Drugging, Punching, And Ascending

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The Days of our Lives recaps for January 23 – 27, 2023, featured a visit to the Great Beyond, harsh judgments, rash decisions, and more.

Days of our Lives Recaps: Monday, January 23

Efforts to revive Marlena (Deidre Hall) prove unsuccessful. Eric (Greg Vaughan) and Belle (Martha Madison) bid their mother goodbye…Will learns that his script has been greenlit and he is summoned to the set — in New Zealand. Sonny (Zach Tinker) encourages his husband to make the journey…Allie (Lindsay Arnold) chances upon Johnny (Carson Boatman) and Chanel in a compromising position.

News of Marlena’s passing makes the rounds…Marlena’s spirit rises from her body and ascends to the Upper Room…Eric drowns his sorrows at the Brady Pub…Johnny picks a fight with Tripp (Lucas Adams) and winds up punching him in the face.

DAYS Recaps: Tuesday, January 24

A confused Marlena is welcomed to her new home by Susan Banks (Stacy Haiduk). Marlena asks to see Kate (Lauren Koslow) and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans); Susan claims that Kate was cast into Hell but remains cagy about Kayla. Unbeknownst to Marlena, her heavenly guide is revealed to be Satan in disguise.

Lovelorn Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) and Allie commiserate with one another. Chanel’s less than pleased to find the two socializing…Paulina (Jackée Harry) enlists Steffy (Abigail Klein) in her fight against Sloan (Jessica Serfaty)…Eric makes his way to Sloan’s apartment — and her bed…Abe (James Reynolds) offers John the support he so desperately needs.

DOOL Recaps: Wednesday, January 25

Allie forces Chanel to cop to nearly kissing Johnny…Johnny apologizes to Tripp for punching him. Tripp accepts…Wendy (Victoria Grace) grovels to Gabi (Camila Banus) who decides to forgive and forget. Wendy encourages Gabi not to give up on Stefan (Brandon Barash)…EJ (Dan Feuerriegel) fires Li (Remington Hoffman)…Stefan updates Nicole (Arianne Zucker) on Marlena’s passing and then takes her to task for knowing that EJ was aware of his brainwashing and keeping it to herself.

Nicole and Eric cross paths outside the Brady Pub. She offers him her condolences on Marlena’s passing. Sloan interrupts the two to return Eric’s wallet and makes a big deal out of the fact that he and she spent the night together… Stefan drugs a mimosa he’s prepared for EJ. Before he can hand his brother the libation, Gabi renders him unconscious.

Days of our Lives Recaps: Thursday, January 26

Though it takes a considerable effort, Gabi finally manages to get Stefan into the DiMera mansion’s secret room…Nicole and Sloan get into a war of words which escalates into a slap fight; Eric referees them…Nicole drinks the spiked mimosa. As a result, she comes on to EJ…Belle takes up Paulina’s cause…much to Eric and Sloan’s chagrin.

Alex encourages Allie to make up with Chanel…Chanel admits to Johnny that she wanted to kiss him just as much as he wanted to kiss her. Allie arrives just in time to spy the two engaged in a platonic hug.

DAYS Recaps: Friday, January 27

Allie drags Chanel and Johnny for their perceived indiscretion. Chanel suitably shames Allie, then suggests the two of them take time apart — personally as well as professionally…Gabi worms her way into Li’s hotel room and then tosses the joint while he’s showering. Gabi gets her hands on the phone Li uses to contact Dr. Rolf (Richard Wharton), phones the mad scientist, and convinces him to return to Salem.

Sloan makes a terrible first impression on Roman (Josh Taylor)…EJ puts the kibosh on Nicole’s seduction attempt; she vomits and seems to get the drug out of her system. Afterward, EJ and Nicole agree to take baby steps where their relationship is concerned.

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