Days of our Lives One True Pairing: Who Is Allie Destined To Be With?

Days of our Lives AllieDays of our Lives Allie

Allie Horton has been all over the place since arriving on Days of our Lives. First, she fell in love with the guy she’d earlier accused of rape. Then, she cheated on him with her best friend. Now she’s just confused. But, as she said,  she’s more self-aware about it.

Days of our Lives Polling

So whom does Allie (Lindsay Arnold) truly belong with? Soap Hub posed the question to viewers, and here’s what over 4,000 of you had to say:

After All

A majority, 60% of you, are still rooting for Allie and Tripp Johnson (Lucas Adams). Mistaken rape charge? So what! Attacked by the ghost of his dead brother? Happens to everyone. Willing to raise her baby? Check! Slept with Chanel Dupree (Raven Bowens)…Really, Tripp, that’s where you’ve chosen to draw the line? You’ve gotten over all the other stuff, and you can’t just shrug this one off the same way you’ve shrugged off everything else? Come on, man, be a sport. You’re the best option a mess like Allie has. So you owe it to her!

Days of our Lives: New Love in Town

New boy, new girl, 23% of the audience doesn’t care which. You just need Allie to get a fresh start. There is way too much baggage with the current candidates. You’ve jerked them both around to the point where we can’t really root for you with either. How about someone you haven’t lied to or cheated on? You know, just for a fun change?

Gal Pal

Allie kept trying to deny her true feelings for Chanel, and we saw how that went, 17% point out. Just give into it already and hook up. Sure, Chanel is irresponsible and selfish and flighty. And we can’t imagine her wanting a life that includes Henry as a huge part of it. But Allie clearly doesn’t care about who she hurts, so why not plan a life with Chanel…until one of you gets bored again, and that’s the end of that.

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