DAYS Love Connection: Do Chad DiMera and Stephanie Johnson Click?

What do you see looming in their future?

Days of our Lives Chad DiMera and Stephanie Johnson

Stephanie Johnson just returned to Days of our Lives. She thought she was just here to run Paulina Price Carver’s gubernatorial campaign (well, after she told them the public isn’t clamoring for Abe Carver to run).

Days of our Lives Polling

But now she’s not only involved with her mother, Kayla Brady Johnson’s (Mary Beth Evans) health crisis, she’s also fending off a lecherous Alex Kiriakis (Robert Scott Wilson) at work…while offering newly widowed Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) a shoulder to cry on. Yeah, about that last one…what’s going on there?

There’s Something Happening That Wasn’t There Before

We’re intrigued, 50% of you admit. Chad and Stephanie (Abigail Klein) definitely have chemistry, but we’re not sure if it’s the friend or the romantic kind yet. Chad definitely needs a friend — and, likely, someone he can dump his kids on when he’s not in a parenting mood. But Ghost Abigail Deveraux DiMera (Marci Miller) also told him to move on and find love again. Hey, look — there’s Stephanie!

Chad DiMera: Friend In Need

This can stop at friends, 28% of the audience is calling a halt to any potential sexy times. Chad is nowhere near ready to date again. And you’re not ready to see him dating. Not to mention, Stephanie is a young woman. She does not need to saddle herself with a guy raising two kids…and still mourning his newly dead wife.

Love Is All Around

Then again, 22% of voters are seeing sparks. Stephanie is just what Chad needs. She is sweet and open, and enthusiastic. And she doesn’t come with baggage…like having slept with Chad’s brother. Or married a psychopath. Or being a killer who skated by producing a second personality. What’s not to love about Stephanie? We’re less convinced about what she might see in Chad, but for a young woman who is related to three-quarters of Salem, it’s not like poor Stephie has a lot of options!

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