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Is This Days of Our Lives’ (DOOL) Most Outrageous Story EVER?

Days of Our Lives

On Days of Our Lives (DOOL), a cursed amulet (think The Brady Bunch episode with Vincent Price) led to a plane crash on a deserted island.

Presumably native to this island is a mosquito whose one bite causes the victim to lose their minds and turn violent. Or so indicated the journal of a woman who’d also been a castaway with her husband.

How she deduced that the mosquito was to blame, and not, say, the fish they caught, something in the air, or simply a genetic condition triggered by the stress of being marooned is… vague.

That’s a pretty wild tale. But is it the wildest thing to ever happen in Salem (or Salem-adjacent)? Let’s take a brief stroll down memory lane.

Brotherly Love
Early on, Tom and Alice Horton’s (Frances Reid) daughter, Marie, fell in love with an injured, traumatized Korean War vet… who turned out to be her presumed-dead brother, Tommy. Tommy regained his memories. Marie became a nun.

The Phoenix Rises
How many times has Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) died? More than the average soap-opera person.

He had a stroke. His car skidded on ice and crashed. He fell off a catwalk into a roaring fire. He was buried in a fiery cave-in. His car exploded.

So much more, and we haven’t even mentioned Hope’s bullet.

Devil May Care
Marlena (Deidre Hall) was possessed by the Devil. This caused her levitate. Yeah. That.

Wonder Twin Powers
A pair of half-naked teens is discovered in the middle of a meteor shower. Naturally, they’re assumed to be aliens. Later, it turns out they’re Kate (Lauren Koslow) and Roman’s (Josh Taylor). Who didn’t even know each other at conception.

Greta was all set to become the princess of…continue reading on the next page —>

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