Did the Devil Make EJ DiMera A Better Days of our Lives Father?

Days of our Lives EJ DiMera and Johnny DiMeraDays of our Lives EJ DiMera and Johnny DiMera

On Days of our Lives, EJ DiMera was horrified to learn that the first time he actually began approving of his son’s actions…was when Johnny DiMera was literally possessed by the Devil. This might be a teeny, tiny, itsy-bitsy judgment on his parenting, no?

Days of our Lives Polling

Will this entire experience prompt EJ (Dan Feuerriegel) to become a better father to Johnny (Carson Boatman)? Let’s see what the fans think.

DAYS: Short Term Memory

A little over half of you, 52%, expect that yes, EJ will change his ways — in the short run. But, in the long run, you expect him to revert to who he always was and who he always will be.

DiMera parents only approve of their offspring when said offspring are destroying other people’s lives, making obscene amounts of money, and laughing maniacally while twirling their mustaches. EJ will pretend he doesn’t mind if that’s not Johnny’s bag. But he actually does mind. And he’ll make it clear to Johnny again eventually.

Days of our Lives: Wake Up

An almost equal 42% is more optimistic. You believe the Devil forced EJ to take a good, long look in the mirror. And EJ didn’t like what he saw. He’ll change his ways now. He won’t berate Johnny for not wanting to be the perfect DiMera baddie, and maybe even support some of his non-business, not-terrible to women choices.

One DOOL Chance

Finally, 6% of the audience figures that everything will be fine and dandy between father and son…until Johnny screws up again — at least in EJ’s eyes. And then we’ll be right back where we were before, with Johnny rebelling, EJ refusing, Johnny acting out, and EJ pushing back.

EJ won’t be happy until Johnny is a businessman wearing expensive (Italian — natch!) suits, toying with women who mean nothing to him, and skirting prison sentences. Now that’s a real DiMera!

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