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Days of our Lives Long-Forgotten Lore: Sunny People With Shady Pasts

Days of our Lives Doug, Julie, Jennifer, JustinDays of our Lives Doug, Julie, Jennifer, Justin

Days of our Lives fans, even the most devout, would be hard-pressed to remember every storyline and all those minute character peculiarities…the soap has been airing for 56 plus years after all. Long-Forgotten Lore is a new series of articles that hopes to remind you of things you once knew and entertain you with facts that may be brand new.

Days of our Lives: Skeletons In The Closet

Everybody’s got a skeleton or three in their closet — your favorite Salemites included! Find out what you may have forgotten or never knew about these characters.

Julie Olson Williams
Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) can dimly recall a time when she was young and stupid — though some might use the term “juvenile delinquent.” On November 8, 1965, frequent truant Julie was caught purloining a mink stole from a display case at Bartlett’s Department Store and promptly arrested. At the police station, she doubled down on her falsehoods — “I didn’t take it, I was just going to try it on…It was just a gag…It was just a joke, I wasn’t going to keep it!” — and gave her name as Julie Horton, resulting in Tom Horton being called down to the police station in lieu of her father, Ben Olson.

Doug Williams
Though considered a pillar of the community he once served as Mayor, Doug Williams (Bill Hayes) entered the scene an imprisoned con man, Christian name being Brent Douglas. Though he and his cellmate eventually made nice, their first encounter consisted of Brent warning Bill Horton that he’d kill him if touched his bunk!

Jennifer Rose Horton Deveraux
Now a crusader for truth and justice, Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) was, once upon a time, a petty thief who pickpocketed strangers and stole from her big brother, Mike Horton. Among Jennifer’s other youthful follies, was her thieving several mid-term exams and handing them over to Salem High’s Queen Bee, Veronica Allen.

Steve Johnson
Patch (Stephen Nichols) was a mercenary for hire, who found himself on the payroll of some mighty shady characters, Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston), Savannah Wilder, and Emma Donovan chief among them. For the former, he menaced Bo Brady and Hope Williams and for the latter, he stalked and haunted future spouse Kayla Brady (Mary Beth Evans).

Justin Kiriakis 
Justin (Wally Kurth) did not consider what was good for the goose good for the gander. Despite dallying with, and impregnating Anjelica Deveraux, Justin took such offense to Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis’s (Judi Evans) affair with Emilio Ramirez that he arranged for an accident to befall the stableboy. Karma intervened, and it was Justin who was crushed and severely injured by collapsing piles of timber.

Maggie Horton Kiriakis 
So desperate was Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) to hold onto the man she’d come to love, she purposefully kept “Marty Hanson” away from anyone who could identify him as Mickey Horton. The truth eventually outed, and Maggie learned that her chicanery was unnecessary…Mickey chose her for his wife rather than reunite with Laura Spencer. Still, the marriage was a rocky one, owing to Maggie’s battle with the bottle and her extramarital affair with Neil Curtis.

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