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Days of Our Lives (DOOL) Recap: Will To Sonny: I Want A Divorce!

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The Days of Our Lives (DOOL) recap for January 3 features Sonny being the one to get his heart broken this time as Will tells the husband he doesn’t remember exactly how he feels.

Hard Truths
Will (Chandler Massey) wanted to be honest so he told Sonny (Freddie Smith) he ran into Paul and admitted they kissed again. Will told Sonny he can’t be married to him when he’s attracted to other men. A devastated Sonny begged him not to end it but Will said he wanted to file for divorce.

Breaking News Alert!
On the phone, Chad (Billy Flynn) tried to do damage control with board members but kept losing his temper. Abby looked up Stefan (Tyler Christopher) on the Internet and saw that he had a lot of business experience.

Stefan showed up at Doug’s Place and ran into Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin), who let him know she hates his mother and didn’t like his father much either. That didn’t stop him from flirting with her and Chloe seemed intrigued.

Enemies For Life
Kate (Lauren Koslow) and Andre (Thaao Penghlis) were arguing about Stefan when Vivian (Louise Sorel) showed up. She blamed Kate for leaving the company vulnerable. Kate slapped Vivian as Stefan entered and stopped his mother from retaliating. Chad and Abby soon joined them and asked Stefan who he really is.

A Rose By Any Other Name
Chad revealed to everyone that Stefan’s real name was Sam Maitland, but Stefan said he changed his name after he found out his true identity. He offered to take another DNA test so Abby ripped out a piece of hair from his head and Andre, Vivian, and Kate took it to the hospital for testing.

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Meanwhile, Stefan told Chad he wants their company to survive and asked to work together. Chad wanted him gone and Stefan revealed he owns the mansion now.

Kiss and Tell
Eve (Kassie DePaiva) was surprised to wake up and find Brady (Eric Martsolf) still in her bed. Tired of fighting it, she gave in to him again. Chloe arrived to look for Brady and found them in bed together. Brady ran after her and she warned he might get hurt.

Chloe asked him about what was happening with Eve as Eve listened. He said she doesn’t have to worry about him, and Eve realized she was being played.

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Video Credit: KC Lynne

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