When Did Nicole Walker Become So Fragile on Days of our Lives?

She was shocked to hear EJ DiMera has his villainous DAYS.

days of our lives nicole walker.Why is Nicole Walker a shrinking violet suddenly?

Nicole Walker was horrified on Days of our Lives when EJ got angry about being blackmailed and threw some glassware. She couldn’t believe that a man from a family of sociopaths was showing sociopathic tendencies, or that he might take the time out to think about business and blackmail when she was carrying his child.

What Happened To You, Nicole Walker?

How could she and the baby not be the center of his universe, and how could Nicole (Arianne Zucker) even consider marrying a man who is capable of such acts? Wow. Pregnancy brain is a super real thing with Nicole. Because it seems she’s forgotten…who she is?

Days of our Lives: Back to Before

Once upon a time, Nicole was so eager to put a ring on it that she stole Sami’s (Alison Sweeney) baby and passed little Sydney off as hers and EJ’s (Dan Feuerriegel). At the time, she was not worried about pledging her troth to a sociopath because what she was doing was so, so much worse. But now, poor, delicate Nicole is so innocent that the idea of EJ blackmailing his sister Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) gives her the vapors.

Nicole Walker: It’s All About Me

One of the reasons Nicole wanted/wants EJ so badly is that he is rich. So, so rich. Rich enough to get her anything she ever wanted. And, in order to be so rich, EJ has to do business things. These business things can sometimes be less than pure as the driven snow. When did Nicole ever have a problem with that?

Split DOOL Loyalties

EJ had to remind Nicole that Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) was about to be both a horrible human being and a devoted father. Which seemed to calm Nicole down. EJ hasn’t come close to reaching Stefano’s level of villainy. But it was hearing about him that made Nicole believe EJ would never take her and their child for granted. So she’s OK with evil and blackmail and extortion. As long as it doesn’t affect her. Wow. She’s got quite the moral compass there! (Which we always knew about her, and wondered where it went.)

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