Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For DAYS: Remington Hoffman

The actor’s talent shined as his layered performance showed a more tender side to his manipulative character.

days of our lives performer of the week remington hoffmanRemington Hoffman

In his alter-ego’s ultimate defeat, DAYS’ Remington Hoffman found victory.

Remington Hoffman — Performer of the Week

In a snap, Hoffman took Li from despaired and pitiful to alert and concerned. Had Gabi (Camila Banus) managed to figure out what was causing her to hallucinate? Is she sure she should be out and about and not still at the hospital? Had she driven herself home? How he wishes she had called and tasked him with chauffeur duties.

Depressed resignation soon washed over Hoffman as Li granted that Gabi probably didn’t actually need him considering she had the real love of her life on hand.

When Gabi queried why Li hadn’t taken advantage of her inebriated state and made love to her as she insisted, Li admitted that he had been “sorely tempted. But I didn’t want it to happen like that, because of some drug, a trick of the mind.”

And sure, he can’t deny that he’s above tricking her — he did, after all, keep Stefan’s resurrection a secret — “but this was different. It wasn’t real. And I love you too much to take advantage of you like that.”

Li’s sincerity shone through, as did his immense regret — all thanks to Hoffman’s prowess.

The actor really came into his own during a monologue in which Li rued his inability to win back Gabi’s heart, but the clincher was the sly smile, devoid of malice or understandable sadness, he offered when Gabi made one last, half-hearted attempt to persuade him to sign over his shares in DiMera Enterprises.

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