Second Look: Could Gabi Fall For Li Shin Again on Days of our Lives?

Is this a Days of our Lives triangle…or a losing battle?

gabi hernandez and li shin looking at each other on days of our livesCould Gabi Hernandez fall for Li...again?

We know that Gabi is only staying with Li Shin on Days of our Lives because she wants his share in DiMera Enterprises. However, her heart really belongs to Stefan.

Days of our Lives Polling

But Gabi (Camila Banus) can’t follow her heart — or any other body part — to Stefan (Bradon Barash). If she does, she’ll lose those precious, precious shares. So she’s forced to spend quality time with Li. Is there any chance she could fall in love with her legal husband — one more time? Here’s what almost 2,000 viewers told us.

DAYS: You Were Always On My Mind Li Shin

Sure, 12% of the audience shrugs. As long as Li (Remington Hoffman) gets Dr. Rolf (Richard Wharton) to brainwash her. If there is one thing you can say about Dr. Rolf, it’s that he is very, very good at his job. Anything you ask for, he can do. So what is Li even waiting for?

Split DOOL Loyalties

Sure, Stefan wants Gabi; 17% of you are not contesting that. But you also can see how much Stefan wants to beat EJ for the family company. And you can imagine a scenario where he starts paying way too much attention to work…and way too little to Gabi. Gabi, like Glenn Close in “Fatal Attraction,” does not enjoy being ignored. And if she feels that’s what Stefan is doing, we can see her turning to Li for comfort…and more.

Days of our Lives: Past Death Do We Part

Gabi will always love Stefan, and only Stefan, 71% begs to differ. There is nothing he could do — including die, including claim he doesn’t love her anymore — that would turn her away from him in the long run. Yes, she wants Li’s shares. And, yes, she will pretend to be loyal to him for six months. But as soon as the contract expires, so will Gabi’s act of caring for Li.

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