Days of our Lives Six Month Rule: Should Gabi Hernandez Stick With Li?

Is this the deal – or the mistake of a Days of our Lives-time?

days of our lives li shin made a deal gabi hernandez couldn't resistShould Gabi have resisted Li Shin's deal?

Gabi Hernandez agreed to Li Shin’s terms on Days of our Lives. She will stay married to him for six months, and share a home – though not a bed. And, at the end of it, Gabi gets a divorce – and all of Li’s shares in DiMera Enterprises. Did she make the deal – or the mistake – of a lifetime? Should she stick to it?

Days of our Lives: The Winner Takes It All

Gabi (Camilla Banus) survived prison. Six months with Li (Remington Hoffman) should be no problem. And then she will walk away with everything she’s ever wanted. For 14% of you, this is an offer Gabi absolutely cannot and should not refuse!

Gabi Hernandez: Better DAYS Option

Gabi should see how it goes, 37% advise. The way you see it, she should go along with Li’s terms as long as she’s not getting any better offers. But the minute Stefan (Brandon Barash) looks her way, Gabi should say “Bye, Li” to her lawfully wedded husband, and run back to the man she truly loves. Not only is he the prime passion of her life, but he has even more shares in DiMera Enterprises. So, really, our Gabi can’t lose.

DAYS: Error Report

But the majority of Days of our Lives viewers, 49%, believe this is one of Gabi’s bigger mistakes. And she’s made a bunch. Remember the serving time in prison thing? But this one takes the cake. The man lied to her. The man had her brainwashed. The man tried to kill her true love, and then the man had him brainwashed to forget how much Stefan loved Gabi.

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This is a guy she wants to be in the same town with, much less the same room? How does she know he won’t be messing with her mind yet again whenever they cross paths? Much less beds? Why give him a chance to weaken her resolve to leave him for good?

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