B&B Recap: Wyatt Read Liam For The Filth He Is

Wyatt Spencer told Liam all about himself.

wyatt spencer called out liam on the bold and the beautiful recap for monday, july 17, 2023.Wyatt Spencer had it out with Liam.

In the Bold and the Beautiful recap for July 17, 2023, Wyatt elicits quite the confession from his elder brother.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

In addition, Hope (Annika Noelle) stands her ground and stakes her claim on her new man [turns out Thomas’s persistence pays off], and Steffy and Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) debate whether or not she might be a big part of Liam and Hope’s problem. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

B&B Recap: People In Glass Houses

Wyatt (Darin Brooks) couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Was Liam really prepared to allow his hurt and his anger to destroy his marriage, his family, and years of happy memories? Liam wasn’t sure.

Wyatt then demanded to know whether or not Liam (Scott Clifton) still loved Hope…because if the answer is yes, then he has to find a way to forgive her, to talk to her, to listen to her. He’s got to do everything and anything within his power to save his marriage — before it’s too late!

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But, Liam hedged. And whined. Oh, how he can’t get that image of seeing Hope kissing Thomas out of his mind. The kiss was so real, so passionate, so lustful, and so deliberate. Oh, how Steffy had tried to warn him. Oh, how Hope had gaslit him.

Completely ignoring the charge of gaslighting, Wyatt instead doubled back to Liam’s admitting that he’d been discussing the state of his marriage with Steffy. Steffy, of all people. Is there something that Liam needs to tell him? How, exactly, does Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) factor into all this?

With that, Liam confessed to laying a smooch on Steffy. And not just one. Two. Two smooches! One in Rome, and one since they returned home. Wyatt was aghast. What was his brother thinking?

Liam grants that what he did was wrong, and he copped to swearing to Steffy that it would never happen again, ever. Still, Wyatt groused.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Playing Favorites

At her stepson’s abode, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) reiterated her position. She’s not going to allow her daughter to throw everything away for the likes of Thomas (Matthew Atkinson). Not her marriage, not her family, nothing. Whatever the two of them have going ends TONIGHT! Also, what in the world was Hope thinking?

Hope blubbered that she wasn’t thinking…but she’d never, ever before felt a connection like the one she shares with Thomas. And yes, Thomas does have “a past” but the one thing that he has going for him is that his heart is not divided between two women.

Now Liam, on the other hand, can’t say the same. Not only has he made it painfully clear that he doesn’t want her anymore, but it’s always been clear to Hope that [much like Diane, Princess of Wales before her] there have always been three people in her marriage. Her, Liam, and Steffy.

Oh yes, Steffy. That’s who Liam really wants. He’s said as much. Brooke disagreed. Strongly. She argued that Liam truly loved Hope and that, despite what he may have said in the heat of the moment, he doesn’t really want a divorce. Hope disagreed. Strongly.

She’s tired, dead tired of the competition. She’s tired of never being enough for Liam. And if anyone should understand that, it’s Brooke. Does Brooke really want her life for Hope? Does Brooke really want to see her history with Ridge [and Taylor (Krista Allen)] repeated? Hope doesn’t. What Hope does want is Thomas. Thomas and only Thomas.

B&B Recap: Getting To The Root Of The Problem

Put out by the fact that he’d missed his son-in-law — whom he planned to spend the evening discussing soccer AKA football — Ridge instead gossiped with Steffy about Hope and Liam’s plight. After opining that Liam would eventually forgive and forget — it was just a kiss after all — Ridge voiced concern that Thomas might backslide into old, bad habits. Ridge then wondered if perhaps Hope had strayed [with Thomas, of all people] because of Liam’s continued interactions with Steffy. Very good questions!

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