Should B&B’s Thomas Forrester Pursue A Life With Hope?

Is coupling meant to be a lasting union?

thomas forrester and hope spencer the bold and the beautifulThomas Forrester and Hope Logan Spencer.

Thomas Forrester’s dreams have finally come true on The Bold and the Beautiful. For years, he has wanted Hope but she only seemed to have eyes for Liam. Now, she’s made it clear that she wants him.

The Bold and the Beautiful Polling

It took Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) by surprise when Hope (Annika Noelle) grabbed him and kissed him while they stood in front of the Colosseum in Rome. He was further shocked that she came to him after Liam (Scott Clifton) wanted a divorce and led him to bed, where they stayed for four episodes. But is this right? Should Thomas really try to have a life with Hope?

Things Could Work Between Thomas Forrester And Hope

About 21% of you see the potential here and love the obvious chemistry between Atkinson and Noelle. However, you still think Thomas and Hope need to be cautious. This unexpected thing they found could work out long-term but you feel Thomas should continue with therapy. Being with Hope doesn’t solve all his problems and you worry that Thomas could backslide into the scoundrel he once was if he stops seeking professional help.

Made For Each Other

Another 37% of you think that Thomas and Hope fit together like hand in glove. They are who the other has been searching for all these years and Hope finally knows it. She’s had an awakening and realizes that there is so much better out there than Liam. She said it herself. She can be who she wants to be with Thomas and not feel on edge all the time as she does with Liam. Thomas has been waiting years to hear all these words and he should definitely pursue Hope as his “destiny”.

Thomas Forrester Shouldn’t Be Second Choice

The final 42% believe that Thomas shouldn’t settle and deserves someone who chooses him first and Hope has always chosen Liam first. Even after their kiss, she still wanted to work things out with Liam and only hopped into bed with Thomas after Liam firmly rejected her and told her that he wanted a divorce. You believe that Thomas is clearly Hope’s second choice and is bound to hurt him in the end if he keeps pursuing her.

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