Was Liam Spencer Too Hard on Hope Over Her Kissing B&B’s Thomas?

Was the B&B hypocrite a little too hard on his wife?

liam spencer yelled at hope on bold and the beautiful.Liam Spencer was hurt over Hope's kiss in Rome on B&B.

Liam Spencer ripped into his wife Hope Logan on The Bold and the Beautiful once she returned from Rome. He confronted her about her kissing Thomas, her partner at Hope For The Future, which resulted in Hope being left in tears and Liam kissing Steffy.

Liam Spencer: Bold and the Beautiful Drama

In fairness to Liam (Scott Clifton), he begged Hope (Annika Noelle) numerous times not to rehire, be near, or spend any time at all with Thomas (Matthew Atkinson). She assured him that she had the situation under control. She did not. Was Liam too hard on his wife for her extramarital kiss? Soap Hub posed this question to B&B fans.

A B&B Kiss Is Just A Kiss

About 11% of you feel that yes, Liam overreacted. It was just a kiss, after all. And, it was in public, so it’s not like it was going to escalate into a love-making session. Liam could have confronted Hope and Thomas in the moment and dealt with this in Rome. Maybe he should have so things didn’t fester.

Liam Spencer: Hurt Feelings

Some of you, approximately 13%, say that yes, Liam overreacted but you also feel that he had reason to be upset. How many times did Liam warn Hope about being near Thomas (Matthew Atkinson)? Hope wasn’t honest with Liam about her feelings for Thomas. She should have come clean with him and invited him to go with her to Rome (not at the last minute, like she did). If Liam had stayed by Hope’s side during her visit there, she wouldn’t have been alone with Thomas.

Bold and the Beautiful: Marital Betrayal

Many of you, about 19%, say that Liam had every right to blast his wife. She flat-out lied to Liam each and every time she told him he had nothing to worry about. Hope could have orchestrated things in Rome to make sure she wasn’t alone with Thomas. It’s one thing to be attracted to him but it’s another to sit next to Thomas on the plane and go to the Colosseum alone with him.

Liam’s Got A Short Memory

The majority of you, 57%, feel that yes, Liam was way too hard on Hope. The dude’s got a short memory. Remember when Liam thought that Hope was kissing Thomas only Thomas was kissing the Hope mannequin? He bolted over to Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and made love to her. This time, he unloaded on Steffy and kissed her — even though she’s married to Finn (Tanner Novlan). It’s one thing for Liam to want to end his own marriage but why is he trying to end Steffy’s?

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