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Hope Logan Gone Wild: Has B&B Destroyed The Good Girl Heroine?

They say bad girls have more fun but does that hold true for this B&B gal?

thomas in bed with hope logan on bold and the beautiful.Is Hope Logan still a heroine?

Hope Logan used to be the perfect girl next door; a faithful and devoted wife and mother guided by her morals and high principles. But ever since her impromptu kiss with Thomas in Rome, the character has gone off the rails. In the process, has The Bold and the Beautiful destroyed the good girl heroine?

Hope Logan: Little Miss Purity

Since Hope’s (Annika Noelle) debut as a virtuous young woman, she’s stood for honesty, modesty, and purity. She was developed as the antithesis of Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), a frisky, flirty, and carefree coquette. They were the perfect contrasts as they battled it out for Liam (Scott Clifton). While they both took turns as his wife, Hope ended up the one who seemed destined to spend the rest of her life with the man she fell in love with as a teenager.

Girl Gone B&B Wild

So Hope’s sudden turnaround, especially lusting over Thomas (Matthew Atkinson), has come totally out of left field. Remember the pair’s last fashion show for Hope For The Future about a year ago? While they were celebrating afterward, Thomas tried to kiss Hope, and she pushed him away. She made it clear that she loved one man and one man only, Liam.

So what changed? What made her lose hold of all her senses and principles, reverse course, and start fantasizing about Thomas? What made her throw caution to the wind, grab and kiss him, and put her marriage and happy family at risk? It’s as if she’s been brainwashed or switched places with her lustful twin.

Bold and the Beautiful: The Lost Logan

Since finally giving in and having sex with Thomas, which she initiated, Hope’s become unrecognizable. She’s dressing provocatively. She behaves like a vamp and uses her feminine wiles to get what she wants. She’s become the seductress that Steffy used to be.

She recently coaxed Thomas into having sex with her in her office at Forrester Creations, right after telling him she wasn’t in love with him, but was eager to use him to fulfill her own desires. Considering Thomas’s longtime obsession with Hope and how he finally worked his way past it, it’s downright cruel. Hope knows he’s in love with her, yet she’s using Thomas as a plaything. This is a whole new Hope, and certainly not the good girl heroine that viewers have known and loved for years. But is she better this way? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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