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Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For B&B: Matthew Atkinson

Matthew Atkinson plays Thomas as both good and seductively charming on B&B.

matthew atkinson shines as thomas on the bold and the beautiful.Thomas Atkinson is so good at playing bad on B&B.

We’re constantly told that Thomas has changed on Bold and the Beautiful. Has he, though? Matthew Atkinson brings an enigmatic charm to his role as the Forrester heir, which makes his performances interesting to watch. Now, Soap Hub has named him as this week’s Performer of the Week for B&B.

Matthew Atkinson – Performer of the Week

Thomas decided to take the vegan bull by the horns this week and visited Liam (Scott Clifton), his rival for Hope’s (Annika Noelle) affections. He was the last person Liam wanted to see but that didn’t stop Thomas from pleading not his case but rather Hope’s. “I realize that you’re never going to forgive me,” Thomas admitted to Liam. “But…you can forgive Hope. She’s your wife. She loves you. She deserves it. You have to find forgiveness for her.”

Is Thomas really hoping to reunite the estranged couple that’s signed (but not filed) divorce papers? What better way to prove that he’s a changed man than to put Hope’s best interests at heart? Or is Thomas going to Liam to argue her case knowing he’ll say, “No,” and Hope will show gratitude for Thomas, making him the winner?

Atkinson plays Thomas with such calm sincerity we’re not quite sure. When Liam pointed out to Thomas that he was the last person who should be championing Hope, Thomas went ahead and agreed with him. Nothing will disarm a person more in a debate than agreeing with them. Thomas pressed Liam to forgive Hope. Liam wouldn’t budge. The two men were at a stalemate so Thomas upped his game. “You’re a fool,” he told Liam.

“The door handle sticks…use the one on the right,” Liam shrugged to Thomas, ordering him out. Thomas couldn’t leave without having one last say. “You’re going to regret this, Liam. There aren’t that many things in life that are certain,” Thomas warned. “But that is.”

Thomas made a beeline over to Forrester Creations to see Hope. He waited till she looked up as he didn’t want to interrupt her work. Thomas gave her a smile when Hope acknowledged him. “I’m sorry,” he began, adding that he’d gone to see Liam.

He went on to say that he suggested to Liam that he see that Hope wants to go back to him. “It turns out he’s an even bigger fool than I thought,” Thomas told Hope. He regrettably (or was it understated joy?) that Liam wasn’t interested in a reunion. “That hurts me,” Thomas said about Liam’s reaction.

Hope feared that Thomas had told Liam about their lovemaking but he said he’d never do that. He’d never hurt Hope. (Well, except for that whole lying about baby Beth being alive thing.) Thomas quickly segued from being Hope’s champion with Liam and saving her marriage to seducing her with his calm but passionate tone and then he moved in for a kiss.

Of course, if Thomas truly cared about Hope’s future with Liam he would stay away from her. Sure, she moved in for the kiss in Rome but Thomas could have refused to make love to Hope back in Los Angeles. This is one of the things Atkinson does best. One minute, he’s got the whole world (sans Liam) convinced that he’s put his evil ways behind him and he wants Hope and Liam to reunite. The next, he’s using Liam’s unwavering stance as a weapon as he goes in to make out with the man’s wife.

“Let me love you, Hope,” Thomas said. “Let me love you the way no one else can.” The man knows what he’s doing as Hope then went to lock the office door and then, she began kissing him. Kudos to Matthew Atkinson for playing Thomas as a man who’s learned to use subtlety to get what he wants and not anger or threats of physical manipulation.

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