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Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For B&B: Annika Noelle

Annika Noelle is giving a poignant portrayal of a woman on the edge on B&B.

annika noelle worked hard to revive hope's marriage to liam on b&b.Annika Noelle made viewers feel for Hope Logan on B&B.

Annika Noelle is turning in some fabulous work these days as a deceitful and tormented wife on The Bold and the Beautiful. Hope Logan may not be back in her husband Liam’s good graces but her portrayer is scoring big time with Soap Hub as she’s once again earned Performer of the Week for B&B honors.

Annika Noelle – Performer of the Week

Noelle delivered some poignant performances last week as Hope shared her marital misfortunate with half-brother RJ (Joshua Hoffman) and their mother Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang). But it was in her scenes with long-term husband Liam (Scott Clifton) in which Noelle truly shined.

Hope has been anxiously trying to figure out why she even kissed Thomas. And while she had an answer to that dilemma towards week’s end, she has also spent a great deal of time trying to salvage her marriage to Liam. When he showed up at their home, Hope practically willed him to give her another chance.

Noelle showed Hope’s fretful state by having her character nervously play with her hands as if she wasn’t sure what to do with them. Hope admitted to Liam she acted recklessly and claims to not even know who she is, hastening to add that she’s not saying that as an excuse.

Hope said she loves Liam, their family, and she begged for a chance to regain his trust. “I know that I hurt you and I’m so sorry and I can see the pain in your eyes. And I hate more than anything that I am the person that put that there,” Hope said, with great emotion. Annika Noelle chose to have Hope’s voice crack a bit when she added, “I never ever wanted you to look at me like that.”

Mustering up a half-smile, Liam said, “I never thought I could.” Taking that as a sign of hope (no pun intended), Noelle chose to have Hope gingerly step towards Liam physically, dreaming that it might lead to a reconciliation.

She reached out to touch his face. “Liam, you’re here now. You showed up. That’s what matters. Please, please. Let me fix this, please,” Hope implored. “Can you say that you forgive me? I love you.”

Someone very wise in soaps once said that people watch daytime dramas to find out what’s going to happen tomorrow. The powerful performance given by Annika Noelle certainly gave viewers a reason to do just that, in order to find out what Liam’s answer would be.

Noelle delivered more emotionally charged performances later in the week. When Liam asked for a divorce, Hope had a single tear streaming down her face. She looked mournful as she begged him not to discuss divorce. Hope apologized for bringing up having forgiven Liam for so much worse (notably, his romp with Steffy, played by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood).

Hope circled back on Steffy, asking Liam if he’d seen her since he got back from Rome. “Steffy always had a seat at the table in our relationship and our marriage and you did go see her, didn’t you?” Hope pointed out. A lesser actress would have resorted to histrionics in many of these scenes but Noelle didn’t lose sight of Hope’s desires — she desperately wants to keep her family and her marriage intact. Alas, later, Hope also finally acknowledged what it is about Thomas that she finds so appealing — she wants a man that wants her. Then, she kissed Thomas once again!

What happened to the woman an episode earlier who was desperately trying to hang onto her marriage? We suspect there’s more to Hope’s storyline than meets the eye and we’re confident Annika Noelle will continue to turn in powerful performances as she takes us into Hope’s future.

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