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Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For B&B: Katherine Kelly Lang

Katherine Kelly Lang proclaimed that Brooke and Taylor’s pact was over on B&B.

katherine kelly lang performer of the week for b&bKatherine Kelly Lang shined as Brooke let loose on ex-pal Taylor on B&B.

We always knew it was a matter of time. We’re talking about the friendship between besties Brooke Logan and Taylor Hayes on The Bold and the Beautiful imploding. Katherine Kelly Lang turned in a true tour de force as Brooke exploded at her ex-BFF when the good doctor’s motivations became crystal clear to her.

Katherine Kelly Lang – Performer of the Week

“She’s being dramatic,” Taylor (Krista Allen) told Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) when he entered Eric’s office as the two women were getting physical with one another. That’s for sure. Before Brooke and Taylor got physical, Brooke unloaded on her ex-pal. She felt betrayed. Right or wrong, Brooke decided that Taylor tried to play matchmaker with both Brooke and Hollis (Hollis W. Chambers) and Deacon (Sean Kanan) not so she’d have companionship and love but so that there’d be a clear pathway to a Tridge reunion.

“You betrayed me! All this time you were really just manipulating me!” Brooke blasted Taylor. “How could you be so deceitful?” Taylor tried to calm Brooke but Lang took her character to an intensity level that made that impossible to do. “I don’t want to hear your excuses!” Brooke blasted.

Brooke toned down her volume at one point but didn’t reduce her level of passion. She was sad that she was wrong and that she and Taylor couldn’t put Ridge behind them. Taylor admitted that she thought Brooke and Deacon could revisit their past but Brooke refused to believe that that was done for any other reason than Taylor plotting a reunion with Ridge.

The two women went back and forth. Taylor (kudos to Krista Allen, who fiercely defended her character’s stance) chose to see things from her side — she was only trying to help Brooke move on. Brooke simply didn’t believe her. “I’ve been hurt by people before in the past…but nothing felt quite like this…I thought we had a pact,” Brooke lamented. “We chose ourselves and we wanted to do better for our children…”

Lang dug deep into these scenes and reminded viewers who Brooke truly is. Ironically, in the very place where Brooke and Taylor told Ridge that neither of them was choosing him late last year, Brooke informed Taylor that she and Taylor were the ones who were finished. This, of course, paves the road for a Bridge reunion — just in time for Ridge and Brooke, and other characters to go to Rome. Will Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) and Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) act out the next chapter of Bridge’s love story? Our guess is yes!

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