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B&B Needs To Give Us A Break From Sheila Carter

This Bold and the Beautiful baddie has overstayed her reign of terror.

the bold and the beautiful spoilers for april 21, 2023, has sheila carter in jail dropping a bomb.Sheila Carter has done a lot.

Sheila Carter has always been a CBS soap cartoon villainess, with almost as many lives as Stefano DiMera on Days of our Lives, and able to somehow escape horrible and deadly Bold and the Beautiful situations without a scratch. She started her reign of terror on The Young and the Restless, took it on the road to B&B, and is still defying the odds. That doesn’t mean the character doesn’t need a rest every once in a while.

Sheila: New Meaning To Cartoon Villainy

Soap opera cartoon villains and villainesses are often only good in spurts. They come in, do their damage, and then disappear from the scene for a while, giving the relatively more moral characters — and the audience — a chance to breathe and experience something new.

Sheila did that for a bit, but her latest stint may have gone on a little too long. Kimberlin Brown returned to the B&B scene and was revealed as Finn’s (Tanner Novlan) bio mom nearly two years ago and has been front and center ever since.

During this time, we have seen Sheila fake a heart attack, get alcoholic Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) drunk, shoot Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Finn and leave them for dead in an alley, nearly jump off a building, run a woman off the road and into the ocean, keep her incapacitated son hostage, pretend to be mauled by a bear, cut off her own toe, fall off a balcony and get right back up to drive away, and survive a real heart attack. How much more ridiculousness can fans take in such a short amount of time?

Bold and the Beautiful: Please Backburner Sheila Carter Now

There is no denying that Brown is an exceptional actress who knows Sheila in and out as she has been playing her off and on since the 1990s. Sheila also knows how to keep things interesting, but that does not mean we need to see her ridiculousness and her super-human resiliency non-stop.

Right now, she is trying to use her womanly wiles to get another man to be her savior since Deacon (Sean Kanan) and Bill (Don Diamont) didn’t work out. She even amazingly had lip gloss and perfume in her prison blues to make sure she was attractive when Finn’s dad Jack paid her a visit in lockup. Sure, Jack (Ted King) resisted Sheila’s charms and told her that he would not help her get out of her latest legal mess, but we all know Sheila doesn’t give up, and she will somehow manage to wrap him around her little fingers.

Maybe we could take that if we got a six-month break from Sheila to focus on other stories, but to have Sheila already have an ace up her sleeve just weeks after the latest round of “Now we’ll never have to worry about Sheila Carter again” is just too much. It feels like somehow everyone who is now so relieved that Sheila is finally out of their lives for good will be crying because she is in their lives again by the end of the month. We hope we are wrong, but it sure doesn’t look that way.

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