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CBS Soaps History: Remembering Super Villain Sheila Carter

CBS Soaps Sheila CarterCBS Soaps Sheila Carter

Throughout soap opera history, characters have migrated from one show to another in an effort to increase viewership. One character who traveled between the CBS soaps The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful was Sheila Carter, played by Emmy-nominee, Kimberlin Brown.

Who Was Sheila On CBS Soaps?

Nurse Sheila seduced married Dr. Scott Grainger and became pregnant, prompting him to leave his wife, Lauren, not knowing she was expecting, too. Sheila miscarried and obtained a black market baby that she switched with Lauren’s baby so she could raise Scott’s son. Alas, Lauren’s “son” died of meningitis.

Fiery Beginning
Sheila did everything she could to hide “her” son Scotty’s identity — including getting a birthmark of his removed. When the walls started closing in, Sheila kidnapped her mother Molly (who’d had a stroke) and Lauren and hid them in a farmhouse. Molly couldn’t quite say ‘Sheila has your baby,’ so in a stunning moment Sheila herself said to Lauren ‘I think the word she’s trying to say…is baby.’ The farmhouse burned down, but Sheila escaped.

I Love LA

After spying a Help Wanted ad in a newspaper for a nurse at Forrester Creations, a presumed-dead Sheila moved west and snagged the job. She wormed her way into Eric Forrester’s life and threatened Eric Jr.’s nanny, Judy, into leaving town. Eric fell for Sheila and the two were married – despite the objections of Eric’s family.

Brooke hiring Sheila to be her liaison at work drove a wedge between the newlyweds. Lauren, a Forrester family friend, found out Sheila was alive, but Sheila blackmailed Lauren into staying quiet. Eventually, Sheila was exposed so she tried to commit suicide, saying she only wanted to be loved.

Sheila’s The Bold and the Beautiful Comeback
Sheila survived and was paroled months later. She set out to get revenge. Sheila switched Stephanie’s medication with mercury pills but failed to kill her. Next, Sheila tussled with Maggie Forrester as the two women fought over James.

Sheila and James made love, and she became pregnant. On her wedding night to James, Sheila fell off a roof and almost died. She recovered physically, but Sheila’s demons always got the better of her. She shot Stephanie and drove off with her daughter, Mary.

More Mayhem
A grown Mary, now going by the name Erica Lovejoy, became a nanny to Rick Forrester’s son. Sheila hired Lance to seduce Rick’s wife Amber and then had him killed by a swarm of bees. Sheila brought a gun to the Forrester mansion where she held Brooke and Eric hostage.

Sheila shot Taylor after she walked in and surprised them. Sheila went to jail, but she and inmate Sugar escaped. They kidnapped Ridge in South America. Massimo, Ridge’s dad, burst in to save his son, but Sheila played a trump card — she presented her daughter, Diana, claiming Massimo was the dad!

Back To The Young and the Restless

Sheila, using the alias, Brenda Harris, wormed her way into a grown Scotty Grainger’s life. Sheila kidnapped Lauren after she married Michael. A boat explosion appeared to take Sheila’s life. Years later, a woman looking like Phyllis Summers claimed to be Sheila. Lauren shot Sheila, killing her. With her dying breath, Sheila told Lauren that she’d shot the wrong one.

L.A. Story
Years later, Sheila bounced again on the CBS soaps when she popped up back in Los Angeles looking not like Phyllis but her old self. (No explanation was given as to who the woman who died in Genoa City was.) Sheila found a rival in Eric’s new wife Quinn as she attempted to rebuild her life.

Eric was willing to entertain the fact that Sheila had reformed, but his patience was tested after Sheila and Quinn tussled on more than one occasion. Sheila shifted to a more low-key profile, taking a job at Il Giardino as a waitress. To date, Sheila and Taylor have yet to encounter one another since the near-fatal shooting.

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