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Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For B&B: Ted King

Ted King reprised Jack Finnegan as if no time had passed on The Bold and the Beautiful.

ted king the bold and the beautiful performer of the weekTed King

Daytime Emmy-winner Ted King is not only not a doctor in real life but it turns out he doesn’t play one on TV either. Some fans of The Bold and the Beautiful mistakenly recalled that King’s character Jack Finnegan like his wife Li and son Finn was a doctor. It turns out that he’s a lawyer, which is why Sheila Carter requested an audience her former lover.

Ted King – Performer of the Week

King played attorney Jack as not someone meeting with Sheila as an ally but rather someone who was cross-examining her. The naughty nurse tried to win the lawyer over to his side by playing up that they share a son together. “What are you trying to do here, Sheila?” Jack asked his ex as if he were approaching a hostile witness on the stand.

Smart lawyers never ask questions of a witness unless they know what their answer is going to be. Jack had Sheila’s agenda figured out before he walked into the jail’s visiting area. Sheila kept pushing that sharing Finn entitled her to some free legal advice from Jack. She honestly asked him why she was there in jail. “Because you killed people, Sheila,” Jack replied. Realizing that if Sheila needs to ask such a question, he wasn’t going to reach her. “I’m not doing this. I’m not answering your questions.”

Sheila managed to keep Jack in the room by reminding him of their past together and how he is still a lonely person — just like she is. King chose to keep Jack’s body at an angle from Sheila at times as if to protect himself from her persuading him into doing something he knew would be a mistake. Sheila reminded Jack he’s one of Los Angeles’s top criminal attorneys. She wants his help.

Just when Sheila thought she was making inroads with Jack, he took control and went in for his “closing arguments.” Jack told Sheila he wanted to tell her in person to leave him alone and to stop sending him emails. Sheila attempted to redirect but Jack wasn’t interested in her appeals. “You shot our son! You shot Finn!” Jack blasted Sheila. Of course, she went into her rendition of it being an accident.

Sheila suggested to Jack that the next time he feels alone he should recall the night Finn was conceived and the life that they could have had — and could still have. Jack made his ruling and told Sheila that she should never contact him again. “Never,” he stated. Case closed. Ted King doesn’t appear nearly enough on B&B for our tastes. He’s proven he is a solid leading man on the show — one who can’t be snowed by Sheila. Let’s hope that he continues to appear on the show more often.

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