Stephen Nichols

Birth Name: Stephen Nichols
Birth Place: Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Profession: Actor, Director


Stephen Nichols is certainly a unique actor, as his path to get there was quite unusual. An Ohio native, he eventually made his way to California rather than attend Ohio State University, and studied yoga while living among monks and cooking for them. It was all vegetarian during that time… and celibacy.

When that part of his life ended, Nichols began studying acting at the Theater Academy of Los Angeles City College and soon became a theater nut, appearing on stage throughout LA and winning awards for his work.

After performing in the shows Love Letters and The Shadow Box, daytime came a-calling in 1985 when he landed the role of one-eyed bad boy Steve “Patch” Johnson on Days of Our Lives. He soon turned Steve into a hero when the love of a good woman, Kayla “Sweetness” Brady, reformed him. Nichols remained in the role until 1990, but didn’t leave soaps for good.

Between 1990 and 1996, the actor made his way to primetime with guest appearances all over the dial, but was soon reunited with Mary Beth Evans, who played Kayla on DAYS. He took the role of Stefan Cassadine on General Hospital, and she played Katherine Bell. While the show tried to pair them, it didn’t have the same magic as on DAYS and Katherine was eventually killed.

Still, Nichols remained with GH until 2003. Three years later, DAYS fans got quite a surprise when it turned out Steve Johnson was alive and Nichols returned to the Salem scene after nearly two decades away. He stayed around for three years this time, returning once again in 2015 and DAYS is where he remains today.

In between his second and third DAYS stints, Nichols also appeared on The Young and the Restless as Tucker McCall from 2009-2013. He was reunited with another co-star in Genoa City, Genie Francis, who played Laura on GH during his time there.

It was announced in 2018 that the actor and Days couldn’t come to terms with a contract and Nichols announced he would last be airing in September of 2018.

Nichols has been married to Lisa Gordon since 1984 and they have three children, Vanessa, Aaron, and Dyllan.

Fast Facts

  • February 19, 1951— Birthdate
  • All three of Nichols’s children were born at home, and he delivered his son himself because the midwife didn’t make it on time.
  • Nichols’s daughter, Vanessa, was named for famed British actress, Vanessa Redgrave.
  • Nichols is a grandfather, something that many can’t picture for the man with the patch.
  • The actor’s daughter, Dyllan, makes appearances as an extra on DAYS.


  • Lisa Gordon — Wife
  • Vanessa — Daughter
  • Aaron — Son
  • Dylan — Daughter


Stephen Nichols joined the cast of Days of Our Lives on January 13, 1985 as Steve Johnson.

Since then, Nichols has built extensive credits in theater, film and television with such projects as Dynasty, Dallas, T.J. Hooker, Around the World in 80 Days, L.A. Law, Soapdish, Melrose Place, Santa Barbara, and General Hospital (to name a few).

Patrika Darbo Photos

Actor (14 Credits)

Title Role Year

Days of Our Lives (TV Show)

13203 — 2017
13202 — 2017
13201 — 2017

Steven `Patch' Johnson 2017

The Young and the Restless (TV Show)

The Young and the Restless — 2017
The Young and the Restless — 2017
The Young and the Restless — 2017

Tucker McCall 2017

General Hospital (TV Show)

General Hospital — 2013
General Hospital — 2013
General Hospital — 2013

Stefan Cassadine 2013

Phoenix (Movie)

McClain 1996

Empty Nest (TV Show)

Life Goes On — 1995
Stand by Your Man — 1995
Feelings Whoa Whoa Whoa Feelings — 1995

Matt 1995

In the Heat of the Night (TV Show)

Conspiracy of One — 1994

Chuck Booker 1994

Melrose Place (TV Show)

Collision Course — 1993

Carl Canin 1993

Murder, She Wrote (TV Show)

Danse Diabolique — 1992

Barry Carroll 1992

Soapdish (Movie)


Matlock (TV Show)

The Biker — 1990

Cliff Lockwood 1990

Witchboard (Movie)

Brandon Sinclair 1987

House (Movie)

Scott 1986

T.J. Hooker (TV Show)

Street Bait — 1985

Tony 1985

A Different Story (Movie)

Man at Bath 1978

Reality Cast Member (1 Credits)

Title Role Year

The Real World (TV Show)

Real World XVIII S*#! They Should've Shown — 2007
Real World XVIII Reunion — 2007
The Real World — 2007


Art Director (1 Credits)

Title Role Year

Hooded Angels (Movie)


Guest (1 Credits)

Title Role Year

Soap Talk (TV Show)

Soap Talk — 2006
Days of Our Lives 40th Anniversary — 2005

2005 - 2006

Subject (person only) (1 Credits)

Title Role Year

48 Hours on ID (TV Show)

Trail of Tears — 2016