Steve Johnson Gets The Shock of His Life When He Sees Bo

DAYS recap for Friday, April 7, 2023: But at this point you have to wonder why people coming back from the dead is so surprising.

days of our lives recap for friday, april 7, 2023, steve johnsonSteve Johnson

On today’s Days of our Lives, Steve Johnson got quite the shock — which shouldn’t really have been a surprise.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Stephanie (Abigail Klein) updated Tripp on family matters, Megan (Miranda Wilson) arrived in Salem, Maggie took Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) to task, and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Harris got hot ‘n’ heavy. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Days of our Lives Recap: Steve Johnson Interrupts

Above a taverna somewhere in Greece, Harris (Steve Burton) helped situate Hope and her suitcase. Right before the two could really lean into a romantic clinch, Steve (Stephen Nichols) interrupted with news about Dr. Rolf (Richard Wharton).

Though the madman had once again evaded capture, he’d left behind a number of belongings that Steve believed could aid in the search for Kayla (Mary Beth Evans). He readied to go and fetch the items, and Harris suggested he and Hope decamp for the bar, which he suspects is owned and operated by an ally of Megan’s. Once there, the two did some flirting, a little recognizance, and even ended up in a liplock.

days of our lives recap for friday, april 7, 2023, has hope brady and harris kissing
Hope Brady and Harris got closer.

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Opposite this, Kayla made a bid for freedom only to run smack dab into her captor…and Bo (Peter Reckell) wasn’t the least bit pleased with his sister’s moxie. He was further disheartened by her claims that she couldn’t perpetuate Rolf’s research owing to the unavailability of the three prisms with which he had worked.

Days of our Lives Recap: Steve Johnson Gets A Shock

No matter. Bo resolved to fetch the cipher and argued that it shouldn’t be too difficult to infiltrate the local cop shop. But first, he had to see to Kayla…and that meant imprisoning her in the wine cellar. Hey, could be worse! While foraging, Kayla came upon a lock box that she was able to open. The contents inside seemed to please her to no end.

days of our lives recap for friday,april 7, 2023, bo brady impersonates shane donovan
Bo tried to pass himself off as Shane Donovan.

Meanwhile, Bo (badly) impersonated Shane Donovan and gained access to Rolf’s effects seconds before Steve arrived on the scene and demanded the same. To say that Steve was beyond shook to see Bo in the flesh would be an understatement.

DAYS Recap: Sibling Revelry

“My mom, she’s alive,” announced Stephanie to Tripp (Lucas Adams). How do you know, wondered an incredulous Tripp. That necessitated Steffy explaining how Kayla had reached out to her and the frustration that was the static-filled phone call. All Steph was able to glean was that Kayla was somewhere in Greece, though she can’t help but worry that she missed some vital clues.

Tripp suggested his half-sister should let Marlena (Deidre Hall) hypnotize her in an effort to suss out anything that might be rumbling around in her subconscious. Tripp made the arrangements, fed Steph, and wondered if he shouldn’t go ahead and cancel his plans in order to accompany her.

Steph declared that was necessary, then inquired as to whether or not Tripp’s plans included Wendy Shin (Victoria Grace). Tripp answered in the affirmative, and Steph encouraged him to see it through.

Megan Hathaway Lays A Trap

Once the enthusiastic greetings and the hugs were out of the way, Andrew (Colton Little) and Shawn (Brandon Beemer) got down to the business that was the former handing custody of Megan over to the latter.

The men checked in on the prisoner, and Megan was struck by Shawn’s similarities to a young Bo. In fact, she was so struck that she let slip seeing Shawn was as if she’d “succeeded in turning back the clock and made Bo young again.”

days of our lives recap for friday, april 7, 2023, has shawn and andrew questioning megan
Andrew tried to calm Shawn, who was provoked by Megan Hathaway.

When Shawn demanded an explanation for that crack, Megan excused it as merely being gripped by nostalgia. Later, upon being granted her one phone call, Megan reached out to Thomas Banks and gave him the heads up that he was the subject of a manhunt. After receiving his gratitude, Megan asked him to perform a task for her. “Find Bo Brady. And if anyone gets in your way, shoot them where they stand.”

DOOL Recap: Swing And A Very Big Miss

Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) wasn’t in the least bit pleased when Alex begged off attending a big business meeting nor was she pleased to eventually learn the reason why, namely, that he’d been brokering a deal with a Greece-based Kiriakis operative who was willing to hand over the much-prized prisms for a (not outlandish) price.

What Alex termed “pretty amazing” Maggie saw as “amazingly stupid!” Railing that Alex had given “a blackeye to this company and this family” Maggie vetoed Alex’s big plan — which worked out amazingly well for all concerned, except Alex, of course. Well, he and the guard who lost out on that hefty commission.

days of our lives recap for friday,april 7, 2023, has alex kiriakis arguing with maggie
Alex Kiriakis tries to make his point to Maggie.

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