Steve And Kayla Johnson Sample Each Other’s Pies

DAYS recap for Wednesday, June 21, 2023, brings a date night, right night.

days of our lives recap for wednesday, june 21, 2023, steve and kayla johnson enjoying pizza.Steve and Kayla Johnson delight in each other's company -- and pizza.

On today’s Days of our Lives, Steve and Kayla Johnson recapped recent doings over several slices of pizza.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) and Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) recapped recent slights [perceived and otherwise], Bonnie (Judi Evans) and Justin (Wally Kurth) recapped the secret they’re both keeping, Xander (Paul Telfer) recapped a startling encounter, and Chad (Billy Flynn) and Stephanie (Abigail Klein) recapped their courtship and decided to maybe embark on a new chapter. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Steve and Kayla Johnson Indulge In Date Night

At Casa Johnson, having seen daughter Stephanie off for her date with her employee, Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) ravenously welcomed a pizza bearing Steve (Stephen Nichols) — more so the goodness the man held in his hands than the man himself.

After digging into their respective pies — jalapeno and garlic for him, fungus *ahem* mushroom for her — the pair marveled at both the glorious taste and the fact that the last time they’d dined on such majesty was when Kayla was in the hospital dying from Orpheus’s poisoning — the first time.

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Steve granted that was those were the worst days of his life [hey, that’s nearly the title of the show!] and that he thanks G-d every day that Kayla is alive and that she came back to him. Kayla mused that the two of them would always find their way back to one another.

The two then good-naturedly debated whose pizza was superior and agreed to try the other’s favorite. Big mistake! Kayla was forced to douse her burning mouth and tongue with a cold bottle of beer, and Steve could only but agree that their picks were indeed acquired tastes. Looks like they’ll just have to keep ordering two pizzas.

And that’s kind of like marriage, you know. Sometimes you agree. Sometimes you compromise. And sometimes you have to let the other person do what they want. The trick is knowing when to do which. Luckily Steve and Kayla have got that down pat.

The mood slightly darkened when Steve reflected on Paulina (Jackée Harry) and her worry over Abe (James Reynolds), whom he was more committed to finding than ever. Kayla reminded that they, more than most, know what it’s like to be apart from someone they love — especially on an anniversary. Good thing they’ve learned never to take the other for granted.

Days of our Lives Recap: An Earful

At Basic Black, Brady (Eric Martsolf) and Alex celebrated signing a deal with the one and only Yuri Kasanov and debated their next moves. Should they go out and celebrate? Should the drinks be on Alex? Oh, right. Brady can’t partake. But surely that doesn’t mean they can’t pig out on some heavily cheesed nachos, right? Brady very much agreed — and it’s not like he or Alex has a femme waiting up for them at home.

Enter Maggie to complain about Alex stealing away Yuri and accuse him of purposefully sabotaging the deal that she’d lined up so that he could poach Yuri for Basic Black. Alex defended himself, poking several holes in Maggie’s fantasy in the process, but she wouldn’t have it. Her? Make a mistake? Never! This was clearly all on Alex.

Finally tiring of the accusations, Alex lost his temper and declared Titan — and by extension, Maggie [whether he’d admit it or not] — a dinosaur and a remnant of the past. Maggie was insulted. And she was sure that her husband would be insulted on her behalf, but Alex and Brady weren’t so sure. After all, Victor would be the first to say that business is business. Also, at least so far as Alex sees it, if Victor and Maggie weren’t so busy firing Kiriakis’s, they wouldn’t have to go and work for the competition.

Before departing in a huff, Maggie swore vengeance. Brady briefly admonished Alex for his lie of omission — how could he not tell Brady he knew Yuri from the failed deal with Titan — then steadied Alex’s hand when he offered to shuttle the deal. Still, Brady wasn’t prepared to start celebrating. They’d merely won the first round in what would probably prove to be an out-and-out war.

Days of our Lives Recap: Tricky Situation

At the Kiriakis manse, Justin attempted to cater to a down-and-out and snotty Bonnie, who could only opine that her cold was a curse inflicted upon her by the big man upstairs. This, this is what she gets for lying to Xander about Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) being pregnant with his baby. Not that she’s going to renege on her promise to keep mum.

Justin, on the other hand…might renege. He’s had time to think [never a good sign], and he’s just not sure he can go on telling this lie of omission, especially when he knows what it’s like to have a child hidden away [thanks a heap Anjelica!]. Also, he didn’t make any such promise Sarah, so technically, he’d be free and clear.

Fortunately for Bonnie, Justin ultimately concludes that he’ll keep her confidence. He won’t like it, but he’ll do it. But no sooner had he made that declaration than Bonnie gave serious consideration to coming clean herself. The resulting voicemail that she left for Sarah probably won’t go down a treat.

Days of our Lives Recap: Just Be-Cuz

Opposite the above, Xander relayed to Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) the strange encounter he had with Bonnie — not that every encounter with her isn’t strange in its own way. Chloe did find it all a mite strange, especially Bonnie cutting for Sarah and her feelings about Xander and Chloe’s involvement, but she chalked that up to Bonnie despising her on Mimi’s behalf.

The conversation behind them, Chloe and Xander decided to decamp to the pub for dinner and drinks. And, who should they run into by a clearly uncomfortable Justin?

Days of our Lives Recap: Playing House

During their dinner at the Horton House, Chad floated the idea of him and Stephanie moving in together. What could be more perfect? She wants a place away from her folks, and he’d like to give Doug (Bill Hayes) and Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) their space back — it’s a win/win…as long as his kids’ psychiatrist agrees that it’s an acceptable development. Agreed? Agreed!

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