Steve Johnson Is Finally Reunited With His Sweetness

DAYS recap for Monday, April 10, 2023: Steve and Kayla were finally reunited.

days of our lives recap for monday, april 10, 2023, steve johnson is reunited with his sweetness.Steve Johnson lays eye on his beloved wife.

On today’s Days of our Lives, Steve Johnson couldn’t believe his peeper or his fortune.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Tripp (Lucas Adams) had to stand Wendy (Victoria Grace) up, but she championed his cause, and Stephanie (Abigail Klein) recalled a vital clue. Also, Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Harris (Steve Burton) lived it up in the place of their first meeting. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Steve Johnson Gets Quite The Eye Full

An incredulous Steve (Stephen Nichols) peppered Bo (Peter Reckell) with questions. What’s going on? What is he doing there [In the flesh in general and in Greece specifically]? How is he alive? Why is he posing as Shane Donovan (Charles Shaughnessy)? The list was pretty extensive.

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Bo claimed that he was working undercover for the ISA and that the case he was on was time sensitive. Still, Steve persisted. They just had to call Hope and tell her that he was alive. They just had to join forces to locate Kayla (Mary Beth Evans), seeing as how she was at the mercy of Thomas Banks.

Bo confessed that he had actually been the one to abscond with Kayla off Megan Hathaway’s (Miranda Wilson) island of terrors, and that threw Steve for a loop. Why did Bo do that? And why didn’t he bother to reach out and let someone, anyone know that Kayla was okay?

The excuses that Bo shared didn’t hold much water, and Steve quickly deduced that all was not well. Not appreciating Steve’s concern nor his insistence that their loved ones be notified of recent developments, Bo went on the attack and even produced a pocketknife to prove his intention.

days of our lives recap for monday, april 10, 2023, has bo pulling a knife on steve johnson
Bo pulled a knife on Steve Johnson on Days of our Lives.

Steve opined that Bo wouldn’t be able to maim or kill him — considering they were each other’s best friend in the world — and he was proven right.

However, Bo didn’t have any qualms about rendering him unconscious with the butt of his handgun and dragging him back to the wine cellar where he’d previously stashed Kayla (Mary Beth Evans). Kayla was more than heartened to see her love, especially in light of her reading a love missive that Victor had posted to Caroline decades earlier and that had been returned unopened. [See below for a full transcript.]

DAYS Recap: Salutations And Sympathy

In Salem, Chad (Billy Flynn) stopped by Marlena’s (Deidre Hall) to personally take in the sight of her and to inquire as to Kate’s (Lauren Koslow) final days on earth. As he explained to the sympathetic doc, having answers to his myriad of questions wouldn’t make the pain hurt any less, but it would make things easier to understand –something he’d learned in the wake of Abigail’s senseless murder.

Marlena explained that she and her fellow captives had spent the majority of their time under Megan’s auspice sedated and that there had only been one occasion where all three of them were conscious at the same time — and oh, how Kate had given their captor the business!

She then recalled how she and Kayla had awakened and attempted to locate Kate only to be stymied by Rolf (Richard Wharton), who revealed that Kate was to be the first test subject for his new mystery serum. And then there was the sound of the gunshot that supposedly accompanied Kate’s death.

Talk turned to whether or not Marlena had ever caught sight of Thomas Banks — she hadn’t — and that prompted Marlena to remember the fourth cryogenic tube. Of course, that couldn’t have housed Thomas, because how could he be out and about stepping and fetching and killing for Megan if he was frozen?

Opposite this, Stephanie received some most distressing news. Joey (Tanner Stine) had been in a rather serious accident and emerged with a few cracked ribs and a leg broken in two places.

Steph readied to decamp to Seattle, but Tripp halted her and volunteered to go in her stead. Steph wondered if Tripp really wanted to miss out on his date with Wendy, but he assured her that family will always come first. And besides, Steph has an appointment with Marlena, and it’s imperative that she keep it.

days of our lives recap for monday, april 10, 2023, wendy got a kiss goodbye from tripp.
Wendy Shin got a sweet goodbye kiss from Tripp.

Wendy was slightly disillusioned to arrive home and find Tripp’s suitcase in the living room and here him booking a flight, but upon being apprised of the facts, she couldn’t really quibble. She also didn’t mind the rather sweet kiss that Tripp laid on her before walking out of the apartment.

Stephanie Johnson Recalls A Vital Clue

Steph arrived at Marlena’s abode just as Chad was exiting, prompting him to stick around as she submitted to Marlena’s patented hypnosis session.

Just as Steph seemed to have a breakthrough, Chad jumped the gun and disrupted the proceedings leaving all to fear that nothing worthwhile had been achieved. Luckily, Steph could still remember the name she deduced amidst the static: Victor Kiriakis!

days of our lives recap for monday, april 10, 2023, marlena hypnotized stephanie as chad watched
Marlena hypnotized Stephanie Johnson.

DOOL Recap: When In Greece…

Harris and Hope — well, more the former than the latter — were set upon by Constantine the taverna owner who’d convinced himself that big bad Harris must have escaped custody and kidnapped Hope and was currently holding her against her will.

The duo managed to convince Constantine that Harris had been cleared of all charges and that he was actually assisting Hope in her search for her kidnapped sister-in-law and inquired as to whether or not the man had ever seen Kayla or Thomas Banks.

Kayla, Constantine didn’t recognize. As for Thomas, that’s a face he wishes he could forget. Unfortunately, he couldn’t really help them. It had been some time since Thomas was last in town.

Seeing as how he couldn’t provide much in the way of answers, Constantine asked Hope and Harris to stay as his honored guests. They agreed and were treated to a lavish spread and conscripted into a traditional — and uproarious — dance.

days of our lives recap for monday, april 10, 2023, has harris and hope kissing as others danced around them.
Harris and Hope Brady kissed as others danced.

Victor Kiriakis’s Unearthed Love Letter To Caroline

My Dearest Caroline,

I have just returned to Greece. It was terribly painful to leave you behind in Salem, but I knew it would be the best after what happened between us. As much as I want to stay in Salem, I could not. It had become too much of a risk. My feelings for you, longing, my desire. It had grown so strong that I feared that simply by looking at you, I’d give myself away, give away what’s in my heart. And each day, the temptation grew stronger, to throw caution to the wind and tell the world just how very much I love you.

That made me dangerous, Caroline. I was a ticking bomb that could go off at any moment and destroy your life. But I could never hurt your family. Not Shawn, or your beautiful children. Not Roman or Kimberly or little Kayla. I could never hurt your family, Caroline.

But I must confess that I’ve dreamed many times that you and I have a child together. Sometimes, it’s a son, and sometimes, it’s a daughter. How I hate waking up from those dreams. I know it can never be. That we can’t be married and have a family. I’ve so often seen in my dreams.

But I wonder if we might have something else that’s just our own. If, perhaps, you could come here to Greece. There’s a little house here in the hills where I grew up, a secluded little villa, where the two of us, just you and I, could be together. I’m an ambitious man, as you well know. But I’ve come to learn that nothing is more precious than time with the people that you love.

I want time with you, Caroline. I want that so badly, and we can have it here in our own private paradise. I could send you a plane ticket, and you could tell Shawn that you’re visiting a relative, perhaps a sick aunt, in Ireland. It would allow you to steal away, even if it’s only for a little while. For a little while, you could be my wife. Caroline, my darling, I know what I’m asking may be impossible, but I hope you’ll consider it. And please know that whatever you decide, I am forever yours.

— Victor.

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