Steve Johnson Tells Harris That His Kind of Help Isn’t Needed

DAYS recap for Friday, June 2, 2023: Patch knows how to hold a grudge.

days of our lives recap for friday, june 2, 2023, steve johnson scowling.Steve Johnson.

On today’s Days of our Lives, Steve Johnson patently refuses Harris’s sincere offer to lend assistance.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Nicole (Arianne Zucker) is actually honest, Megan (Miranda Wilson) and Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) scheme, and Gabi (Camila Banus) and Stefan (Brandon Barash) settle on a wedding date. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Days of our Lives Recap: Harris Checks In With Steve Johnson

At the Johnson residence, Steve (Stephen Nichols) was greatly chagrined to open his door to Harris Michaels (Steve Burton). What was he doing there? Steve testily inquired.

Before Harris could provide much of an answer, Steve halted him, revealed that he’d already been informed that Harris was headed Salem’s way, and suggested that “if you really want to help, you turn around and get out of Salem.”

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Harris granted that Steve had every reason not to trust him. That’s why he was Harris’s first stop. Harris respects him and wants to work side-by-side with him. Also, he’s not going anywhere.

Days of our Lives: Harris Tells Steve Johnson He’s Here To Stay

After all, he’s a native Salemite. He went to school there. It’s the closest thing he has to having a home. And though he doesn’t expect that he and Steve will ever become friends, he does believe that the two of them can put aside their differences to make sure that Megan doesn’t hurt Hope [or anyone else] ever again.

days of our lives recap for friday, june 2, 2023, has harris talking to steve johnson.
Harris told Steve Johnson he was there to stay on Days of our Lives.

Just as Steve readied to disagree, Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) returned and expressed an opinion all her own: “I think we need all the help we can get.”

With that, Kayla filled the gentlemen in on Abe’s (James Reynolds) MIA status, and Colin’s (Jasper Newman) escape in full police uniform. The police sure could use more manpower.

Harris immediately availed himself to Steve, only to be summarily dismissed as if he were the hired help. Harris exited with the promise that should Steve change his mind, the offer was still on the table.

DAYS Recap: Trust Issues

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole braced herself and confessed to EJ (Dan Feuerriegel): “I didn’t miss my period because I’m going into menopause. I missed my period because I’m pregnant.”

Initially elated, it soon dawned on EJ that Nicole hadn’t alerted him to the truth because the baby wasn’t his. Nicole admitted that she didn’t know…but that would soon be rectified thanks to the DNA test she submitted. That bit of info necessitated Nicole explaining how Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) learned of her predicament and how she’d gotten a saliva sample from Eric (Greg Vaughan).

EJ asked for clarification on how many people knew of Nicole’s condition/predicament before him and blanched at the list [Kayla, Sloan, Eric, Anna, Tony].

Opposite this, Eric explained to Marlena (Deidre Hall) that he’d soon learn whether or not he was to be a father. Taking a beat, Marlena declared that things finally started to make sense [the lie about the viral outbreak at the hospital, the attempt to get a cheek swab from Eric, Nicole, and Sloan standing around loudly discussing a secret] and questioned how her son feels about all this.

For his part, Eric wasn’t entirely sure. In fact, he’s not really had the time necessary to process all the incoming information. What he does know, however, is that there’s a part of him that is hoping that the baby is his.

DOOL Recap: Sister Act

One floor below EJ’s boudoir, Stefan and Gabi corralled Megan and Kristen in order to “plot the demise of our dear brother EJ.” But not literally, just in the business sense. Megan and Kristen were prompted to ask the most reasonable of questions, namely, what’s in it for them. The answer? Major and noteworthy roles in the company’s future.

With that, the foursome sat down to discuss The Plan To Save DiMera. After a quick perusal of “Stabi’s” projection, Megan was still vague as to details — which Gabi helpfully offered was because she and Stefan want the sisters to have agency to choose whatever piques their interest the most.

Megan: “You know, I’m just concerned that the, um, 30-year gap on my resume might be of some concern to the board. It smacks a bit of nepotism, no?”
Gabi: “Even so, didn’t you bring back four people from the dead? I mean, not a skill set everyone can brag about, no?”
Kristen: “Oh, I think I brought back a few more than that.”
Stefan: “Which is precisely why we need both of you. You’re miracle workers, you two.”
Megan: “Oh, so it’s not because you need our votes?”

Well, there is that aspect of it all. But Stefan also highlighted the gals’ boundless determination, ruthlessness, and skills at coloring outside the lines.

Kristen thought she’d rumbled her kin’s plan. “While you’re reading Chicken Soup for the Shareholder’s Soul, she and I will be doing the dirty work?”

Perish the thought! Stefan and Gabi implored the ladies to take their time in mulling over their proposal and took their leave, but not before suggesting they all meet for a nightcap.

Kristen inquired as to what Megan makes of it all, and Megan, in turn, threw the documents handed to them into the nearby fireplace and revealed her ambitions extend far beyond running DiMera. Exactly how far do they extend? “Across oceans, across continents. I want — no– I deserve more. So much more.” She is, after all, her father’s daughter.

Kristen pressed for more details, but they were not forthcoming. Instead, Megan (seemingly) got her on her side by agreeing to her demand that she arrange for Kristen to be granted full custody of Rachel (Finely Rose Slater), but not before huffing, “Custody? That is so pedestrian. Have you considered kidnapping her?”

days of our lives recap for friday, june 2, 2023, has dimitri arriving.
Dimitri arrives at the DiMera mansion.

The conversation was then steered to Megan’s worry over Dimitri (Peter Porte). She really thought he’d have arrived home by now. No sooner had she spoken the words than her prodigal waltzed through the front door.

Meanwhile, Stefan and Gabi retired to their bed, where Stefan massaged Gabi’s tootsies, and the two pondered how to best handle the twisted sisters DiMera. Lovemaking was next on the agenda, followed by Stefan’s desire to set a date for their wedding.

Gabi hemmed and hawed a bit — considering the farce that her last wedding descended into — then floated the idea of getting married on the anniversary of their first ceremony, July 31st…a mere eight weeks away. Still, plenty of time to plan an event to remember…for all the right reasons this time.

days of our lives recap for friday, june 2, 2023, has gabi smiling in bed with stefan.
Gabi Hernandez picks the date to marry Stefan.

DOOL Recap: And The Father Is…Wait For It!

Having been alerted by Kayla that the test results were in, Nicole and EJ headed for the hospital, but not before she phoned Eric and asked him to join them.

When the trio assembled, EJ put on quite the show which pushed Nicole into calling both men onto the carpet and imploring them to grow up. Enter Kayla to deliver the news. Dun, dun, dun!

days of our lives recap for friday, june 2, 2023, has ej and eric being chastised by nicole.
Nicole Walker wasn’t happy with either EJ or Eric.

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