Mishael Morgan

Birth Name: Marie-Charms Mishael Morgan
Birth Place: San Fernando, Trinidad
Profession: Actor

Birth Name: Mishael Morgan
Birth Place: San Fernando, Trinidad
Date Of Birth: July 15, 1986
Profession: Actor
Soap: The Young and the Restless(YR)
Character Name: Hilary Curtis


Mishael Morgan was born on July 15, 1986, in San Fernando, Trinidad. Her parents moved the family to the United States to allow their children more opportunities growing up.

By age 10, Morgan was bit by the acting bug during her school’s production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

After a life-changing car accident at 19, Mishael made the decision to pursue acting more vigorously. A chance meeting with her future agent, David Ritchie, sealed the deal.

She scored the role in Trey Songz “Wonder Woman” on her first audition. Other roles quickly followed such as M.V.P., The Love Guru, The Best Years, and Family Biz.

Mishael landed a few small roles in Double Wedding, Covert Affairs, Casino Jack, Awakening before signing on to play Chandra O’Neill in the Republic of Doyle and snagging a role in the remake of Total Recall in 2012.

In 2013, Morgan scored the recurring role of Maya on Backpackers.

She continued to build her resume, adding credits such as Supernatural, The Listener, Dark Rising: Warrior of Worlds, Swearnet: The Movie, and Night Cries, before joining the cast of The Young and the Restless as Hilary Curtis. She’s been raising hell in Genoa City every since.

Mishael married her husband, Navid Ali, in May of 2012. She gave birth to a son, Niam Ali, on August 9, 2015.

 In 2018, Mishael and Y&R couldn’t come to terms on her contract and she left the show, with Hilary dying from injuries sustained after a car accident.

Fast Facts

  • July 15, 1986 — Birthdate
  • Is the daughter of Michael and Sharon Lee Morgan; she has an older sister, Maggris and a younger sister, Monique.
  • Her mother has 17 brothers and sisters which means Mishael has lots of cousins.
  • When Morgan was 5 years old, her parents relocated the family to New York, but later moved to Toronto, which they considered safer.
  • In the 6th grade, she wrote a speech about annoying sisters.
  • At 19, broke her neck in a car accident in Trinidad. She reevaluated her future and decided she needed to take more risks, which meant leaving law school to be an actress.
  • Married Navid Ali on May 27, 2012.
  • Gave birth to her first child at age 29, son Niam Ali on August 9, 2015, eight days prematurely. Child’s father is her husband, Navid Ali.
  • Her Y&R co-star, Christel Khalil, co-hosted her baby shower.


  • Michael Morgan — Father
  • Sharon Lee Morgan — Mother
  • Maggris Morgan — Sister
  • Monique Morgan — Sister
  • Navid Ali — Spouse
  • Niam Ali — Son


Mishael Morgan was bit by the acting bug at the tender age of 10, but it wasn’t until she was attending the York University studying Political Science an agent convinced her to try her hand at making acting a profession.

Shortly thereafter Morgan started racking up the credits on her resume with appearances on M.V.P., The Best Years, Family Biz, Covert Affairs, Republic of Doyle, Total Recall, Supernatural, Backpackers and The Listener.

In 2013, Mishael landed in Genoa City, taking no prisoners and stirring up plenty of drama as Hilary Curtis

 In 2018, Mishael and Y&R couldn’t come to terms on her contract and she left the show, with Hilary dying from injuries sustained after a car accident.

Mishael Morgan Photos

Actor (5 Credits)

Title Role Year

The Young and the Restless (TV Show)

10-20-2017 — 2017
10-19-2017 — 2017
10-18-2017 — 2017

Hilary Curtis 2017

Supernatural (TV Show)

Man's Best Friend With Benefits — 2013

Kevin's Familiar 2013

Republic of Doyle (TV Show)

High School Confidential — 2012

Chandra O'Neill 2012

Family Biz (TV Show)

Negative Feedback — 2010
Reel World — 2010
Skunkworks — 2010

Tracy Dupont 2010

The Best Years (TV Show)

Debtor's Prison — 2009
Delirious — 2009
Duluth, Minnesota — 2009

Robyn Crawford 2009