Y&R Recap For November 9: Amanda And Chance Make Surprising Decisions

They want to know exactly what was going on with Devon and Abby.

Y&R recap for Wednesday, November 9, 2022

The Y&R recap for Wednesday, November 9, 2022, brings surprising decisions, good advice, and a couple trying to figure things out. You won’t want to miss a moment of this episode.

Y&R Recap Highlights

Chance Chancellor (Conner Floyd) and Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan) had a lot to say to Abby Newman Abbott Chancellor (Melissa Ordway) and Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) over their infidelity. Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) told Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) she figured out what she wanted, while Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) encouraged Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) to let Sally know how he felt before it was too late. Finally, Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic) and Elena Dawson (Brytni Sarpy) appeared to reach an agreement. Now let’s take a deeper look at what happened.

Young and the Restless: Recriminations

Amanda looked at Abby and Devon and wondered what the hell was going on. Chance ran out as Abby yelled his name. Amanda scathingly told Devon to help Abby find her shirt. Abby grabbed her clothes and ran out after Chance, but he was already in the elevator and the doors closed.

Melissa Ordway, Conner Floyd, Mishael Morgan, Bryton James "The Young and the Restless" Y&R Recap

Amanda freaked out on Devon, and he declared that his sleeping with Abby “just happened.” He said things with Abby were spontaneous, and he didn’t know what was happening. Devon asked Amanda to talk about it, and she threw Devon’s clothes at him. He wanted to know why Amanda came home early but that was more because he wanted to know if something happened to her mom.

Devon apologized to his live-in girlfriend for having her come home to his cheating after everything she’d been dealing with over her mom’s illness. Amanda had returned to Genoa City to tell him in person that she needed to spend even more time in Virginia taking care of her mom. Amanda felt foolish, but Devon explained that one thing led to another with Abby. It didn’t make Amanda feel better. She wondered if Devon and Abby had been sneaking around for months, but he explained it was the first and only time.

Amanda said he’d done that to her before, and she’d given him another chance, which was a mistake. Devon didn’t have anything to say, and he said he wouldn’t insult her by making up excuses. Amanda said she felt relief things had happened this way, and she said she could finally leave town without a backward glance. Devon told Amanda that they couldn’t give up everything they had, but she said they could. Amanda said she was a poor man’s Hilary Curtis (Mishael Morgan). Devon insisted he loved Amanda, and she believed him, but she didn’t want his love.

Mishael Morgan, Bryton James "The Young and the Restless" Y&R Recap

As Amanda started to leave, Devon tried to stop her. However, Dominic started crying, and Amanda told him to go to his son, and she left.

Y&R Recap: Another Chance?

Abby found Chance at home. She begged him to hear her out, and Chance looked on in angry silence. Finally, he told her to explain. Abby said that it was a mistake, and she admitted that she’d been shaken up after he didn’t return the night before. Abby declared that things with Devon came out of nowhere, but Chance pointed out it had been building for a long time, and he described it as oddly inevitable.

Abby denied it, but Chance said several moments between them went beyond friendship. She denied it and explained they’d had a date eight years prior, but it went terribly. Abby also reminded Chance that the custody thing nearly tore them apart, but Chance said that Abby relied on Devon more than him. Abby pointed out that Devon was always there for her and Dominic, never telling them work was more important.

Melissa Ordway, Conner Floyd "The Young and the Restless" Y&R Recap

Abby wondered what Chance wanted her to do — turn down Devon’s support? Chance said he was trying to take the high road, but that didn’t justify what happened. Abby went on and on about how it wasn’t about revenge, and she didn’t know what happened, but Chance again insisted it was inevitable.

Chance told Abby that he wanted just being himself to be enough for somebody else. He told Abby that they needed to face the reality that what they had wasn’t enough to sustain their marriage. Abby begged Chance to let her make it up to him, but Chance said there wasn’t a solution to the situation. He asked for time and space to figure things out, and Abby said she’d give him whatever he needed. Chance left, and Abby sat on the couch in his family home crying.

Y&R Recap: Advice And Choices

Adam and Jack caught up on office happenings at Society. The talk stopped when Adam noticed his brother Nick. The brothers traded some barbs, and Jack asked Nick about seeing Summer Newman Abbott (Allison Lanier) after her honeymoon. Nick left, and Jack asked Adam what the brothers’ sniping was all about.

Adam changed the subject, though, and then he let Jack know that Connor Newman (Judah Mackey) and Johnny Abbott (Paxton Mishkind) knew they were biological half-brothers. Adam also expressed his concern over Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) being out of contact since Halloween. Jack advised patience, but Adam said waiting isn’t always the best thing since that’s how he lost Sally.

Peter Bergman, Mark Grossman "The Young and the Restless" Y&R Recap

Jack asked Adam about his breakup with Sally, and the younger man admitted he’d messed things up and waited too long. Jack expressed his surprise that Sally had moved on — especially since Nick was the guy she moved on with. Jack admitted that he and Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) had been in the same situation.

They talked through things. Adam said he loved Sally more than he thought he could love anybody. Jack advised his friend and co-Chief Executive Officer to let Sally know his feelings in a very serious way.

Over at Newman Enterprises, Victoria and Nate completed their conversation, and then Nate got started on his new job. Victoria and Nate walked into Sally’s office as she was packing. Victoria expressed her surprise at seeing Sally there, and Sally welcomed Nate. He expressed that he’d never wanted to take Sally’s job and that his taking over wasn’t personal. Sally said she knew.

As she packed up all her things, Sally remembered different things that had happened while she ran Newman Media. Finally, she left carrying a box of her stuff.

Victoria and Nate returned after Sally had left, and Victoria praised Nate for how he introduced himself to the team. He had all the plans, and Victoria was full of praise. Elena showed up and complimented Nate’s office. Victoria left, and Nate said he was happy to see Elena. They discussed their relationship, and they both agreed to give it another chance.

Courtney Hope, Joshua Morrow "The Young and the Restless" Y&R Recap

Sally ran into Nick at Crimson Lights. She let Nick know that she didn’t blame him for Victoria firing her. Sally admitted that she missed Nick though he thought it was Adam she missed. He admitted that he missed her too. However, Nick warned Sally that things never ended well when he and Adam went after the same woman. He asked Sally to figure out what she wanted definitively, and she revealed she already knew.

Sally admitted she wanted a drama-free romance with somebody who saw her as an equal. For Sally, Adam represented nothing but conflict, and she firmly said she wanted stability and positive energy in her life. She wanted a love that was about independence and synergy instead of attachment and clinginess.

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