Making It Young and the Restless Legal: Should Devon and Amanda Marry?

Young and the Restless Devon and AmandaYoung and the Restless Devon and Amanda

It’s been months since Devon Hamilton and Amanda Sinclair moved in together on The Young and the Restless. She stood by him during Devon’s out-of-nowhere lawsuit to get joint custody of Dominic — the baby he once claimed he was happy just playing uncle to.

Young and the Restless Polling

And Devon (Bryton James) stood by Amanda (Mishael Morgan) as she changed jobs several times, gained a new sister, and took off to take care of her stroke-ridden newfound mother for all of a minute. So, as long as everything is great, should the happy couple go ahead and exchange wedding vows?

Don’t Rock the Boat

Why, 42% of fans would like to know? What’s wrong with how they’re doing now? He works, she works. They come home, tell each other about their days, and then confirm how wonderful the other is. It’s boring. But it’s stable. And, after everything they’ve been through, Devon and Amanda probably love boring and stable. Who cares what we want?

Put a Young and the Restless Ring on It

Amanda has had so much instability in her life, 33% of you remind, that you’re sure she is dying for a commitment. This day-to-day gig may be fine for someone who grew up safe, loved, and secure. But for a woman raised in foster homes, whose first meeting with her biological mother involved the woman slamming a door in Amanda’s face, having the man she loves publicly wear his devotion to her would be a wonderful thing.

To Have and To Hold

There is no point in having a wedding, 25% of the audience points out, unless Devon can swear this is forever. And you’re not seeing it. Think of how easily Devon and Hilary broke up and made up. Commitment is not his strong point. And Amanda deserves better than Happily Ever After…For Now.

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