Michael Easton

Birth Name: Michael Easton
Birth Place: Long Beach, California, United States
Profession: Actor


Michael Easton was born in Long Beach, California, but had a nomadic upbringing, being raised and educated in the United States and Ireland (the home of his mother and father). He returned to the states to attend UCLA, where he double majored in English and History.

His restless artist soul drew him to exotic locales such as Europe, parts of India and Africa, where he took photographs, wrote about and journaled his experiences, supporting himself through construction jobs and bartending. A perfect storm to fuel an actor, writer, author, poet, producer and director for a lifetime.

He first scored small parts in 3 theatrical films, Cold Fire, The Killing Zone and The Art of Dying. At the age of 25, Michael landed his first part in a major series as Tanner Scofield on Days of Our Lives. People magazine noticed, and named him one of the 50 Most Beautiful in 1992.

After wrapping up a leading role in the action thriller Shadow of a Stranger, later that year, Michael found out his mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and he took a year off to care for her until she passed away in 1994.

Easton returned to work, channelling his grief on the big and small screens, with an appearance on Diagnosis Murder, the TV movie Dazzle and joining the cast of VR-5 in 1995.

In 1996, Michael played twins in the series Two, executive produced by the legendary Stephen J. Cannell. After Two’s brief run, Easton joined the cast of Damon Wayans’ 413 Hope Street. In 1998, Michael caused a stir when he appeared on David Kelley’s Ally McBeal as the nude model Glen and crossed over to the sister show, The Practice.

Easton took a turn in the critically acclaimed TV movie What We Did That Night in 1999, and followed that with the leading role of David Hume in Showtime’s series Total Recall 2070. And he ended the decade by joining the cast of One Life to Live in the beloved fan favorite role of John McBain.

In 2003, Michael was on a break from OLTL and took a chance on a General Hospital spinoff with a supernatural bent called Port Charles. This would lead to the artistic acrobatic feat of portraying an unprecedented five characters in the GH universe– vampire Caleb Morley, former priest Michael Morley, John McBain, Dr. Silas Clay and Hamilton Finn.

Other credits he managed to fit in included Bull, The 70s, The Diamond Hunters, Mutant X and They’re Just My Friends.

Michael began to explore his writer’s muse with a collection of poems titled Eighteen Straight Whiskeys. In 2011, he authored the graphic novel trilogy series Soul Stealer, with Christopher Shy’s masterful visualizations bringing the words to life. While taping OLTL, Easton struck a friendship with famed horror author Peter Straub and the two collaborated on The Green Woman for DC Comics.

The renaissance man adapted and wrote the screenplay Daedelus is Dead, an unfinished script by Jim Morrison of the Doors, that was bought by the Sundance Channel. Michael has two more in the mix: a feature on the life of Montgomery Cliff and a screenplay about Ella Fitzgerald.

In 2015, Easton teamed up with former OLTL castmate Trevor St. John on two short films, Dreamliner and the award-winning Ultraviolent. There truly is no telling what to expect from the talented artist next.

When he isn’t tapping into his creative gifts, he is enjoying time spent with his lovely wife Ginevra Arabia, and their two children, daughter Lilah Bell and son Jack Boru.

Fast Facts

  • February 15, 1967 — Birthdate
  • His parents are natives of Ireland.
  • Michael was raised and educated in both, America and Ireland.
  • He double-majored in English and History at UCLA.
  • Michael, a writer and a poet, collaborated with author Peter Straub for a terrifying novel, The Green Woman, for DC Comics.
  • He journeyed through parts of Africa, Europe and India, supporting himself through bartending and construction, photographing and journaling his adventures.


  • Stewart Easton — Father
  • Joan Easton — Mother
  • Keith Easton — Brother
  • Ginevra Arabia Easton — Spouse
  • Lilah Bell Easton — Daughter
  • Jack Boru Easton — Son


Before Michael Easton decided he wanted to pursue acting, he traveled extensively throughout Europe, Africa and India, journaling about his experiences. Easton credits the experience as the inspiration to being an artist, writer and actor.

After landing the role of Tanner Scofield on Days of Our Lives, his career took off and hasn’t slowed down since. Currently Dr. Hamilton Finn on General Hospital, Michael’s other credits include Dazzle, Diagnosis Murder, Ally McBeal, The Practice, VR.5, Two, Total Recall 2070, Mutant X, Port Charles and One Life to Live.

Easton is also an award-winning producer and writer, poet and novelist.

Michael Easton Photos

Actor (15 Credits)

Title Role Year

General Hospital (TV Show)

13924 — 2017
13923 — 2017
13922 — 2017

Hamilton Finn/Silas Clay/John McBain 2017

One Life to Live (TV Show)

One Life to Live — 2012
One Life to Live — 2012
One Life to Live — 2012

John McBain 2012

They're Just My Friends (Movie)

Detective McCarthy 2006

Port Charles (TV Show)

2002 December 30 — 2002

Caleb 2002

Mutant X (TV Show)

The Future Revealed — 2002
Time Squared — 2002
Past as Prologue — 2002

Gabriel Ashlocke 2002

Total Recall 2070: Machine Dreams (Movie)

Hume 2000

Ally (TV Show)

The Blame Game — 1999
Cro Magnon — 1999

Glenn 1999

Total Recall 2070 (TV Show)

Meet My Maker — 1999
Virtual Justice — 1999
Personal Effects — 1999

Det. David Hume 1999

Ally McBeal (TV Show)

Being There — 1998
The Blame Game — 1998
Cro-Magnon — 1998

Glenn 1998

413 Hope St. (TV Show)

Thanksgiving — 1997
Lost Boys and Gothic Girls — 1997
Quentin Goes Home — 1997

Nick Carrington 1997

VR.5 (TV Show)

Parallel Lives — 1997
Reunion — 1995
The Many Faces of Alex — 1995

Duncan 1995 - 1997

Two (TV Show)

Gus McClain/Booth Hubbard

The Art Of Dying (Movie)

Bobby 1991

Days of Our Lives (TV Show)

Tanner Scofield

One Life to Live Today (TV Show)

Appearing (2 Credits)

Title Role Year

Daytime Emmy Awards (TV Show)

The View (TV Show)

The View — 2006


Guest (1 Credits)

Title Role Year

The View (TV Show)

The View — 2008
The View — 2002

2002 - 2008