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Note To GH: We Didn’t Forget That Elizabeth Webber And Finn Are A Bad Couple

GH still wants to make something out of nothing for Elizabeth and Finn.

elizabeth webber and finn aren't a good general hospital couple.Elizabeth Webber and Finn don't work.

For nearly two years, General Hospital has been trying to push Elizabeth Webber and Hamilton Finn on its fans as a romantic pair, and it just doesn’t work. We thought the show finally got the hint at the end of last year, but apparently not.

General Hospital: Elizabeth Webber

While Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Finn (Michael Easton) seemed like an unlikely pairing when it became obvious GH wanted to team them up after blowing up her marriage to Franco (Roger Howarth) via Franco’s death and his wedding to Anna (Finola Huges) due to Anna’s lies, we figured we’d have an open mind about them since odder potential couples have taken off. (Cases in point, Elizabeth and Franco and Finn and Anna.) It was a slow build that seemed natural, given that Liz was a recent grieving widow, but eventually, we saw that there was no way this was ever going to work.

Fans began seeing red flags with Finn when we believed Elizabeth had a stalker. Finn thought about the potential stalker more than Liz, making some people believe he was the one causing the strange happenings in her life. He became borderline obsessive with her and his need to protect her. That obsessiveness led to Finn trying to control Liz’s life, something that felt off with her, but she still gave it a chance.

While Liz gave Finn a chance many fans didn’t feel he deserved, all the writers managed to do was alienate us more when they made Elizabeth’s falling out with her parents all about Finn and the dead wife we never met. Apparently, after 25 years of wondering why Liz and her folks were estranged, we learned it was because she accidentally killed Finn’s wife when a teen Liz caught Reiko in bed with her dad, Jeff Webber. Say what?

Yes, we hated the story, but it finally looked like the end of Liz and Finn. The writers gave Elizabeth a brief fake pregnancy in which she lied that Nikolas was the father of her fake baby, and that was it for her and Finn. Or so we thought.

GH: Time Does Not Heal All Wounds

GH at least made some concessions to fans by allowing Finn to acknowledge he might have been a little overbearing with Elizabeth, to put it mildly. Every once in a while, between January and March, we would see the characters tentatively interact. Then, in April and May, we saw nothing. The two were barely on, and when they were, they were not together. We thought the soap finally gave up, but apparently, it did not.

No, GH, removing the characters from the screen and each other’s orbit for a bit will not make fans forget that Liz and Finn are a terrible couple and need to keep it as friends — if that. They have absolutely no chemistry, and Finn does nothing but turn Elizabeth into someone who needs a man’s approval, something she is not and never has been. If a couple doesn’t work, they do not work. You can’t “out of sight, out of mind” how bad this pairing was and has the potential to still be if the show doesn’t hit the brakes immediately and just give up.

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