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General Hospital Second Look: Should Liz Webber and Austin Date?

Would it be a GH second chance?

austin and liz webber on general hospital looking at each other.Austin Gatlin-Holt could look a little familiar, couldn't he?

Liz Webber has been through several husbands on General Hospital. Her latest, Franco, died. Elizabeth was so destroyed by his death that she lost her mind for a bit (though her parents played a big part in that, too). Now she’s feeling better and is almost ready to date again. Would Austin be a good place to start?

General Hospital Polling: Welcome Back

That would be great, 14% cheer. We’ve missed Franco (Roger Howarth) almost as much as Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) has, and the idea of her dating a guy who looks just like him — although we’re the only ones who notice — is an appealing one. Besides, Elizabeth, the nurse, and Austin, the doctor, have a lot in common. He’s good with kids. And her sons are used to new father figures every couple of years.

GH: Slow Down You’re Moving Too Fast

Just don’t rush it, 25% beg. That was the problem with Finn (Michael Easton) and Liz. It seems like they went from friends to a relationship in the blink of an eye. No wonder Finn got so controlling there in the end. He had no idea what was going on, so he was trying everything! If Liz and Austin (Roger Howarth) are to escape that fate, they need to ease into the whole thing.

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General Hospital: Too Weird For Liz Webber

Not feeling it, 61% dismiss. Or, rather, you’re feeling too much. Except those feelings are connected to Liz and Franco. You loved them. He was, in the end, Liz’s longest consistent relationship. Seeing her going through the motions with a guy who has Franco’s face but isn’t Franco would just feel too Twilight Zone. We want the real thing, baby, or we don’t want anything at all. Besides, how do you get a cute nickname out of Liz and Austin? Lin? Ausis? IsIn? It just isn’t meant to be!

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