General Hospital Love: Liz Webber and Finn Give It Another Try?

Is this a GH couple that deserves a second choice?

liz webber and fin aren't so lucky in love on general hospital.Liz Webber and Finn can't seem to make it work.

Love just doesn’t seem to work out whenever Liz Webber and Finn give it a shot on General Hospital. Something always pops up. Like, say, a dead body. Or some truly terrible parents, along with some equally awful memories.

General Hospital Polling

But now, all of those things are seemingly behind them. So should Liz (Rebecca Herbst) and Finn (Michael Easton) try romance just one more time? Almost 5000 fans have an opinion on this one!

Liz Webber: Last Chance

OK, fine, 16% are rolling their eyes. But this has to be absolutely, positively the final time. This is either meant to be or it’s not, and Elizabeth and Finn need to get it together and face facts. One more try, sure, fine. But then pull the plug if it just isn’t happening.

General Hospital: Dead Duck

Nope, a different 18% dismiss. If it could have been, it would have been by now. Who are they trying to fool? They tried playing house, going on trips with their kids, and pretending to be a happy family. But weren’t they honestly just going through the motions? Did anyone see any passion? Any chemistry? Anything beyond thinking they might as well, since it looks good on paper, so why not? Enough is enough. Move on.

Liz Webber: Meant To Be

But, 66% of you think Finn and Liz are terrific together. They complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They understand each other’s dark pasts. They accept each other’s quirky kids and are a good influence on those kids, too. Liz and Finn could be the next Audrey (Rachel Ames) and Steve Hardy (John Beradino) if they play their cards right. They could be the ones everyone turns to, the ones that give everyone advice, and the ones that babysit the invisible children. What a life! First, they need to give their love another shot.

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