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Did General Hospital Finally Pull The Plug On Elizabeth And Finn?

Did the soap find an off-ramp and quickly take it?

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For the past year, General Hospital fans have felt like they’ve been screaming into the void that there is something just not right about the pairing of Elizabeth Webber and Hamilton Finn, and it feels like we are finally being heard.

Red Flags From The GH Start

There was something off about Elizabeth and Finn from the start, and it wasn’t just the lack of chemistry between Rebecca Herbst and Michael Easton, two excellent veteran performers who have been in multiple successful pairings during their soap careers. This coupling felt forced from the beginning mainly because it felt like Finn was forcing his way into Elizabeth’s life whether she wanted him in it or not, and she seemed to be just standing by and letting it happen.

With Finn, Elizabeth, a character who has never been anyone’s pushover, seemed to stand on the sidelines of her own contrived “romance” while this man barreled into her life and family after not even going on one date. Finn wouldn’t allow her to make a decision on her own, pushing boundary after boundary, and taking charge when she never asked him to. Rather than treating Liz as an equal, he treated her like a child, and this supposed love story seemed more creepy than moving for a very long time.

In fact, this storyline sucked the life out of Liz while ruining a quirky Finn, a once-likable character who has been anything but for months now. Many fans even flagged this relationship as emotionally abusive, and that point was hard to argue.

General Hospital Finds A Way Out — And Proves Fans’ Point

Finally, it looks like GH found an off-ramp for this wholly unpopular pairing and is taking it in an epic way. Elizabeth has been back to her old self of late when helping Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) keep a pregnant Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) hostage in a Wyndemere tower. It’s a story that makes sense and uses history as Nikolas is both Liz’s best friend since high school and former lover. She would cover any crime for him and has, including when he had Hayden Barnes shot in the head.

When Finn saw prenatal vitamins both at Wyndemere and in Elizabeth’s possession, he jumped to the conclusion that the woman he has not yet managed to get into bed was pregnant, and Liz didn’t waste any time telling him that was true. When he asked who the father was — he knew it couldn’t be him — she immediately told him it was Nikolas and didn’t look back. Liz could have easily brushed him off and said the vitamins were for a patient, but somehow deep down, even Liz knew she had found her own way out of this ridiculous relationship.

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Finn’s over-the-top reaction should have immediately told Elizabeth that she made the right decision as the supposedly mild-mannered doctor got busy breaking glass all over a lab while not hiding his man pain at all. In fact, all one could see was his disdain for Elizabeth for daring to upset his delicate sensitivities while he felt like he wasted so much time on her. Poor, poor Finn.

This Is Where The General Hospital Fun Begins

Now that Elizabeth has told her big lie, this is a messy, soapy story that stays true to her character and her history with Nikolas. That can have some big follow-through if she manages to fake a pregnancy for months on end and then appear with a baby who will happen to be her beloved Franco Baldwin’s (Roger Howarth) little niece or nephew.

Inserting Liz into the Pregnant Rapunzel In The Tower story is just what this plot needed to make it more than just a lust-filled father getting his son’s girlfriend pregnant. With Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) and Heather Webber (Alley Mills) revealed as Esme’s sociopathic parents, this story now has all the life it needs. And, as an added bonus, Liz and Finn seem to be blown to smithereens in the process. Now, that’s a way to start 2023.

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