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Why Would GH Make Elizabeth Webber’s Back Story About Finn?

After 25 years, we still don’t know much about Liz’s backstory.

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General Hospital fans have waited a quarter of a century to learn why a teenage Elizabeth Webber showed up on her Gran Audrey Hardy’s doorstep way back when in 1997 with a cigarette in her mouth and a chip on her shoulder. This year, we thought we were finally going to learn why Liz has been in Port Charles for 25 years and has had zero contact with her parents.

Elizabeth Webber Had Storyline Potential

When Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) spotted a photo of her father, Jeff Webber (last played by Richard Dean Anderson), that her children were interested in last year, we thought it was finally the beginning of an Elizabeth-centric story that would finally explain the mystery of why this character seems to have been an orphan since high school.

Things got more interesting when Liz’s wedding ring from Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) ended up in an odd place and when the dress she wore to marry him was found torn to shreds. Then, what was interesting got weird and discombobulated, and the story seemed to go in a hundred directions with no logic, rhyme, or reason.

Was Franco haunting Elizabeth? Was she being stalked? Did she have a split personality, and was she stalking herself? Lots of questions, no real answers — and also, lots of Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton).

How General Hospital Ruined A Character And A Story

While we truly believe GH wanted Finn to be the hero in Liz’s story and the love interest that would make fans forget they inexplicably killed off her popular husband, Franco, it was clear months and months ago that this story was not working from several vantage points. This story that was written without a real conclusion planned out was supposed to be to honor Rebecca Herbst’s 25th anniversary with the soap. Instead, the story has been told more from Finn’s point of view than Elizabeth’s.

On top of there being just way too much Finn, the character has become insufferable and unlikable as he constantly crosses her boundaries, takes charge of her life, and thoroughly obsesses over every move she makes.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, when we thought we’d finally learn what happened between Elizabeth and her parents when she was a teen, the writers decide that it would now be all about Finn, as well. And all we have to ask is WHY?

Why make the woman Elizabeth saw at the bottom of the stairs after an argument, Finn’s late wife — someone we hardly heard anything about since 2016? Why is Liz’s past connected to this character, who she has zero chemistry with and who she has had to tell over and over again to give her space?

Elizabeth and Finn are not a love story no matter what the writers may want to believe. We didn’t even see them go on one date in over a year and Liz has more often than not tried to push him away. Now, her back story, the back story we waited a whopping 25 years for, is all about Finn? No. Just no. This is not how to reward loyal soap fans, but it is how to tell them that the female character they love so much doesn’t actually count.

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