Camryn Grimes

Birth Name:Camryn Elizabeth Grimes
Birth Place: Van Nuys, California, USA

Birth Name: Camryn Elizabeth Grimes
Birth Place: Van Nuys, California, USA
Profession: Actor


Camryn Elizabeth Grimes was born into a show business family. Her father, Preston Lee, is a producer and actor. Her mother Heather was also an actress. Her uncle, Scott, can currently be seen on The Orville. It was no surprise when she wanted to toss her hat into the acting arena.

At age 6, two things happened to set the course for her future. Camryn landed a role on JAG, and won the role of Cassie Newman on The Young and the Restless. As the newest member of the Newman family, Grimes quickly became a fan favorite, and the cast adored her.

She found her second home. Camryn was nominated for two Emmys in 1998 and 1999, before winning the trophy in 2000 for her role as Cassie. She became the youngest winner of a Daytime Emmy. As soaps so often do, they killed Cassie off in 2005, in a pivotal storyline that had the young Newman succumb to wounds triggered by a car accident.

Because both Camryn and Cassie were fan favorites, she returned several times as a Ghost or a dream, before the writers eventually found a way for her to rejoin the cast as Cassie’s twin, Mariah Copeland in 2013. But she was not idle while waiting for the call.

Grimes began adding more adult roles to her resume. She made appearances on Ghost Whisperer, Cold Case, NCIS: Los Angeles, Make it or Break it, Magic Mike, The Mentalist, Animal Kingdom, Haunted 333 and the Get.

Camryn can be found rock climbing, doing yoga or baking, when she isn’t working on Y&R or other creative projects.

Fast Facts

  • January 10, 1990 — Birthdate
  • Is of Italian, Irish, and Scottish heritage on her mother’s side.
  • She is an avid swimmer and high diver.
  • She likes to shop at vintage stores.
  • Her Uncle is actor Scott Grimes.
  • Loves to dance and performed often in school.


  • Preston Lee — Father
  • Heather Grimes — Mother
  • Shelby Lee — Sister
  • Tatum Lee — Sister
  • Dakota Grimes — Brother
  • Peyton Grimes— Brother
  • Ryder Grimes— Brother
  • Piper Grimes— Brother


Camryn Grimes originated the role of Cassie Newman on The Young and the Restless at the tender age of 6 in 1997, quickly stole the hearts of fans and critics. Grimes became the youngest nominee ever, in her category, to take home the Emmy in 2000.

Fans were devastated when her character was killed off in 2005. Camryn moved on to other shows and films such as Medium, ER, Cold Case, Ghost Whisperer, Swordfish, Magic Mike, and The Mentalist. Y&R found a way to return Camryn to the canvas but creating Cassie’s twin, Mariah, and giving the fans a new character to love.

Camryn Grimes Photos

Actor (7 Credits)

Title Role Year

The Young and the Restless (TV Show)

10-27-2017 — 2017
10-26-2017 — 2017
10-25-2017 — 2017

Mariah Copeland 2017

The Mentalist (TV Show)

Forest Green — 2014

Deanne Price 2014

NCIS: Los Angeles (TV Show)

Special Delivery — 2010

Diane Farley 2010

Cold Case (TV Show)

WASP — 2009

Edna Reed 2009

Ghost Whisperer (TV Show)

Bloodline — 2008

Diana Morrison 2008

Medium (TV Show)

Coming Soon — 2005

Young Sharona 2005

Swordfish (Movie)

Holly Jobson 2001