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Mariah Copeland And Tessa Reconnect On Their Date Night

The Y&R recap for Friday, May 19, 2023, brings some romance for Mariah Copeland and Tessa.

mariah and tessa copeland have romance on the young and the restless recap for may 19, 2023.It's a romantic night for Mariah Copeland and Tessa on Young and the Restless.

The Young and the Restless recap brings Mariah Copeland some time to reconnect romantically with her wife, Tessa.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Tucker accidentally spills the beans to Abby (Melissa Ordway) about his proposal to Ashley. Chance interrogates Summer about what she really knows about Phyllis. Sharon tries to talk Adam and Sally through awkward moments as she also tries to figure out who sent her the champagne. Nick warns Victor that Nate is using Victoria as Nate and Victoria skip out on work for some time between the sheets. Now let’s dig deeper into what happened.

Y&R Recap: Mariah Copeland Reconnects With Tessa

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Tessa (Cait Fairbanks) and Mariah (Camryn Grimes) continued muddling through their date night. They absolutely had to remind themselves that they were grownups. They simply couldn’t get over the fact that they were out without their baby.

mariah copeland and tessa share a bed on young and the restless.
Mariah Copeland and Tessa in bed.

Ultimately, Tessa gave Mariah a look that must’ve meant they decided to get a room. The new moms went upstairs for a romantic interlude. After, they gushed about how lucky they were, especially since they hadn’t grown up with stable parents who cared. Mariah and Tessa wanted to give Aria everything they hadn’t had.

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Devon (Bryton James), Abby, Tucker (Trevor St. John), and Ashley (Eileen Davidson) enjoyed their evening at the jazz club. Tucker surprised Abby by asking for a dance. She reluctantly agreed.

Devon expressed his surprise that Tucker and Abby were dancing. Abby wondered why Tucker wasn’t exhausted after spending the day with Dominic, and he said it invigorated him. Tucker addressed the elephant in the room, saying he appreciated her willingness to tolerate him. He insisted he’d changed, and Abby told him not to get greedy about wanting her acceptance.

tucker, ashley, devon, and abby at the jazz club.
Tucker McCall, Ashley, Devon, and Abby at the jazz club.

Tucker told Abby he loved Ashley, but she wasn’t ready to hear that. Going further, Tucker revealed he’d proposed to Ashley. Abby stormed over to her mom, demanding that Ashley tell her if the proposal really happened, and Tucker let Ashley know he still wanted to marry her. Ashley insisted the whole thing was just to bug Jack, but Tucker said he meant it when he asked her to marry him.

As Abby and Devon danced, Ashley complained that Tucker told Abby about the engagement, but he blew her anger off. He wondered what type of proposal Ashley would like, and she suggested Tucker slow down. He insisted that she humor him, and Ashley told him what she didn’t want — anything flashy or extravagant. Of course, an intimate, meaningful surprise might be nice.

Chance (Conner Floyd) went to the Abbott mansion looking for Jack, but he wasn’t there. Summer (Allison Lanier) wondered if she could help, and Chance asked her if she knew what new evidence Jack had about Phyllis being alive. Of course, Summer was surprised.

Chance worried about Summer’s emotions if the whole thing was just a ploy from Jack. However, Summer told Chance that Phyllis was definitely alive, and he wondered when she’d decided that. Summer said it finally sunk in and that Daniel wouldn’t lie.

Chance wondered what Summer was hiding from him, and she insisted nothing. Summer wondered what “we” could do to help Phyllis so she could return to Genoa City. She wanted somebody on her side, and Chance said he’d do what he could. He suggested maybe the new evidence would change everything.

Chance wanted Summer to confess about what she and Daniel had been arguing about. Summer blamed it on the intense situation and Daniel not telling her about seeing Phyllis immediately. However, Chance suggested that they knew about Phyllis for longer than they’d let on. He accused Summer of knowing all along, and she wasn’t honest. Chance insisted that knowing all the facts would help him help her.

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Summer didn’t know why Chance was interrogating her. He also said he didn’t think Phyllis would contact Daniel without contacting her. Chance accused Summer of seeing Phyllis and keeping it from her husband.

Young and the Restless: Awkward Moments

Adam (Mark Grossman) walked into Crimson Lights, and Sharon (Sharon Case) showed him how much Aria had grown. Adam didn’t know how he could raise a daughter. Sally (Courtney Hope) walked in from the patio and overheard, and she walked right back out.

Sharon reassured Adam that being the parent to a girl wasn’t too different than being a parent to a boy. He expressed his hope that the baby would inherit some of his mom, Hope’s, best attributes, along with those from Sally. As for what he wanted of himself in the child, Adam said his chin. Sharon told him not to sell himself short, and Sally walked in, agreeing that Adam would be an excellent father.

Adam excused himself for some McCall business, but Sharon realized Adam was making up excuses to leave. Sally admitted she’d made things awkward between them, and Sharon reassured her that they would figure it out. They both agreed that Aria was adorable.

Sally asked Sharon if Aria sensed the conflict around her, and Sharon said only if Sally let it get to her. She advised the mother-to-be to set aside her fears and concerns. Adam overheard Sharon’s advice, and he looked stricken. Sharon asked Sally to look after Aria while she did something in the back room, and Adam said he hated the discomfort Sally felt around him…again.

adam and sally experience some awkwardness on young and the restless.
Adam Newman and Sally at Crimson Lights.

As Adam and Sally talked, he said they were in it together as parents. She wondered how they could get through the awkwardness, and Adam said they simply had to. Sally wanted to know if Adam could respect her boundaries. He said he would because their baby was the most important thing.

Sharon returned, and Sally left. Adam let Sharon know that things were improving with him and Sally. He noticed the champagne, and Sharon said she’d thought it was from him, but Adam admitted it wasn’t. As Sharon talked about how familiar it all seemed, somebody watched from the patio as sinister music played. Adam suggested it was a secret admirer from the past.

Y&R Recap: Warnings

At Society, Nick (Joshua Morrow) ran into Victor (Eric Braeden). Victor invited his son to join him, but Nick had a boy’s night planned with Christian. He informed Victor that Victoria and Nate were together. When Victor wasn’t upset, Nick went off about what a lousy person Nate was.

Nate (Sean Dominic) and Victoria (Amelia Heinle) discussed business at Newman Enterprises. He got a text message, and it was from Elena, which put a big damper on Nate’s mood. Victoria wondered how Nate felt about the breakup with Elena, and he said it was inevitable. Of course, Nate admitted he felt guilty, but Victoria urged him not to blame himself entirely.

She worried that when people found out that she was the reason for Nate and Elena’s breakup if he’d change his mind. However, Nate reassured Victoria that his mind was made up. They kissed, and Nate told Victoria that he didn’t hold her responsible for his breakup. She suggested they go get a drink.

Nick warned Victor that Nate was using Victoria, but Victor didn’t agree. Meanwhile, Nate and Victoria ended up in a room at the GCAC. Nate got a text from Audra, but he ignored it.

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