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Y&R Spoilers Speculation: What Chance Chancellor Will Do Next

Let’s spice things up on Y&R and Chance Chancellor could do it.

y&r spoilers with two images of a confused chance chancellorWhat should Chance Chancellor do next?

Y&R spoilers are all over the place when it comes to Chance Chancellor. One minute, he is threatening to fight Abby and Devon over Dominic. The next he is keeping the streets safe for truth, justice, and the American way. He’s commiserating with Daniel Romalotti, and he’s verbally sparring with Victor Newman. But what does the future hold for this Genoa City legacy character?

Y&R Spoilers: Love Island

If no man is an island, then why is Chance (Conner Floyd) off on his own so much of the time? He’s got no romantic prospects ever since he walked out on Abby (Melissa Ordway). It seems like he only visits his son when he wants to remind Devon (Bryton James) that Dom has another daddy. And is there even still a Genoa City Police station set standing? Chance is never at work. He just talks about work…while drinking coffee.

Career Change For Chance?

Why the discussion about computer programming with Daniel (Michael Graziadei)? Is Chance thinking of changing careers? We get it, he still has Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from his undercover assignment. And being a cop didn’t exactly help Chance’s marriage. We can see why he’d want a less exciting profession. But that will hardly make him more exciting to watch.

Y&R Spoilers: Look Around

Finally, Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) and Chance have exchanged some charged looks lately. We’re not against the pairing. But we don’t exactly see a need for it, either. It might be personally fulfilling for both. But what would it bring to the canvas? Chance is nice. Sharon is nice. Them finding each other would be…nice. But it would hardly be exciting to watch.

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Floyd is a good actor, and Chance has lots of story potential, not to mention ties to a prominent Y&R family. Now let’s see him, you know, actually do something.

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