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Remember What Happened On The Young and The Restless On April 16, 2018?

The Young and the Restless LadiesThe Young and the Restless Ladies

We sure do. It was a shock. It came out of nowhere. And The Young and the Restless turned what could have been a truly educational and emotional story into a case of “When will it end?”

Yes, that’s the day Nikki (Melody Thomas  Scott) walked into Victoria’s (Amelia Heinle) bedroom to see JT  (Thad Luckinbill) attacking her daughter. After just learning that JT had been both physically and emotionally abusing Victoria for months, her motherly instincts kicked in.

She grabbed the first object she saw and, in an attempt to save her child, she whacked JT over the head with a fireplace poker and Y&R hasn’t been the same since.

At JT’s memorial service this week, it hit us just how much this story has gone off the rails in the near-year since it was introduced.

What started as a compelling story about domestic abuse — both physical and emotional — that soaps rarely tackle, morphed into a semi-murder mystery.

Or, at least the weirdest four-way ‘friendship’ ever seen on soaps with more tiring twists and turns than it’s been worth.

When Genoa City stalwarts learned (thanks to a narcissistic Phyllis opening her mouth when and where she shouldn’t) on Friday that JT had been abusing Victoria, and then that he had also abused Mac during their marriage, our hearts broke for both women.

Our hearts also broke the night Victoria told Phyllis (Gina Tognoni), Sharon (Sharon Case), and Nikki she broke things off with JT because of abuse. It was an evening we saw animosity put aside for the sake of a heat-breaking and very real tale so many women can relate to in some way.

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