The Young and the Restless

Remember What Happened On The Young and The Restless On April 16, 2018?

The Young and the Restless LadiesThe Young and the Restless Ladies

While some fans were angered that Executive Producer and Head Writer Mal Young chose to take a once heroic character and turn them into an abuser, we thought it added a very real layer to the story.

As was said on Friday, abuse can happen anywhere to anyone and by anyone — even the perfect house on the perfect tree-lined street. What goes on behind closed doors is rarely known, but abuse happens more often than people realize.

But, instead of playing that heart-wrenching aspect of the story to its fullest potential, Y&R turned it into a farcical plot that’s has us sighing and exasperated nearly a full year later.

How many confabs could four women who barely got along with each other before have till someone began suspecting things were a bit weird? As soon as Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) arrived in town, he did think something was off, but of course veered totally in the wrong direction.

How many people could stalk the women? First there was Nick (Joshua Morrow) posing as a dead JT without realizing he was dead.

Then, we had Tessa (Cait Fairbanks) blackmailing them in what seemed to be a pointless plot, and now? Well, we’re not sure. (Although Soap Hub has its suspicions.)

And after burying an allegedly dead body, everyone just went on with their love lives. Sharon nearly married Nick again without mentioning the big secret. Then, she started falling for Rey. Phyllis has been through Billy (Jason Thompson) and is now onto Nick. So, Victoria now has Billy — and Cane (Daniel Goddard).

Except, um, ladies, one of you killed a guy, the rest of you helped bury his body and cover it up, you kidnapped a blackmailing Tess and then you all went back to your daily lives of love and career ambitions.

At least Nikki, the actual culprit, has been on the verge of cracking enough times and finally told Nick. And yeah, there’s that little matter of where JT’s body eventually ended up — as we wonder if he’s even dead.

It’s all too much and it’s been too much for a long time. Through it all, the very real and compelling matter of domestic abuse has been thrown to the wayside when it should have been the real story here and not just some catalyst for insanity.

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