Y&R Spoilers Recap For September 28: Diane’s Past Shows Up In GC To Haunt Her

Who’s the mystery man in Diane’s hotel suite?

Y&R Spoilers Recap for Wednesday, September 28, 2022

The Y&R spoilers recap for Wednesday, September 28, 2022, brings a shocking visitor from Diane Jenkins’s past after she’d mistakenly kissed Jack Abbott. It’s a wild episode you won’t want to miss a moment of.

Y&R Spoilers Recap Highlights

Diane (Susan Walters) showed up at Jack’s (Peter Bergman) with a gift for Harrison Locke (Kellen Enriquez). He tried to talk to her about her giving Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) a gift basket and the two women burying the hatchet — mostly. However, Diane asked Jack to please not talk to her about Phyllis.

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Jack wanted to know what was wrong, and Diane admitted that Harrison’s gift was just a pretense to come see him. Diane suggested that Jack offer her some liquid courage, and she’d tell him why she stopped by. Jack gave her a drink, and then he told Diane that she didn’t need gifts as a pretense to stop by. Diane asked Jack if he had truly abandoned the war against her. She wanted to know if Jack forgave her for her past. He couldn’t say he’d forgiven her, but that he was willing to forget the past and move forward with a clean slate. She wondered if it was a true clean slate, and Jack said yes, unless there really was something back in Los Angeles that could be her undoing.

Diane took Jack to task for not trusting her. She said she was exhausted from constantly defending herself against all the innuendos. Jack told her she’d earned all of that, and he said she could’ve stayed away. However, Diane said she couldn’t have stayed away because that’s where Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor), Harrison, and Jack were. Then she cried about her enemies finding something that would change the way Kyle and Jack saw her, and she threw a pity party for how hard it was to redeem herself. Jack’s advice was to take the clean slate that he and Kyle had offered her. She thanked him, and then Diane leaned forward and kissed Jack on the lips.

Y&R Spoilers Recap 2 Diane and Jack

However, Jack didn’t really kiss Diane back. He explained that he’d agreed to a peaceful co-existence with Diane. He wasn’t willing to give her anything more than friendship and working together for their son and grandson. She was embarrassed and apologized for misreading the situation. Diane assured Jack that she respected his boundaries. She asked to restart the clean slate and asked Jack to forget that she’d taken things too far by kissing him.

When Diane returned to her hotel suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, she got a shock because a man (Trevor St. John) stood there. She wondered how he’d gotten in, and he noted it seemed like she’d been trying to avoid him — after everything he’d done for her.

Young and the Restless: A Mistake?

Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) was in a state. She talked to Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) and absolutely lost it over Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) pushing her to get Johnny Abbott (Paxton Mishkind) to accept Chelsea as a mother in his life. Billy couldn’t believe Chelsea’s audacity, and Victoria was furious. Plus, Johnny was holed up in his room not talking to his parents. He still wished they hadn’t told him that Chelsea was his biological mom.

Billy was pissed that Chelsea had misled them so much about her intentions, but Victoria wasn’t at all surprised that a con woman like Chelsea would lie. Victoria yelled and blamed, but Billy tried to calm her down. She wished she’d been more adamant about waiting to tell Johnny the truth that so many in their circle already knew. As far as Victoria was concerned, they should’ve listened to Johnny and not told him something he didn’t want to know. Victoria admitted that it was easier to blame Chelsea or herself than to watch Johnny suffer. Billy promised to work with her to help figure it out for their little boy.

Victoria Newman and Billy Abbott The Young and the Restless

Victoria said she thought Johnny was scared, and Billy said that no matter what they told him about his biological mom, the fact that he was their son would never change. Billy promised to hang out with Johnny and do whatever the little boy wanted, and he also suggested some possible family counseling for the three of them. Victoria said they just had to keep the lines of communication open.

Billy admitted that Chelsea’s gift for Johnny was a blanket that she bought while she was pregnant. He pointed out that maybe the gift would let Johnny know that he was always loved and her giving him up was difficult. Victoria didn’t like the idea. Billy said he wasn’t willing to never have Johnny get to know Chelsea, and Victoria said their son had made his wishes very well known. Billy said he was 100% with Victoria, but he said they should all be patient. Victoria insisted she wasn’t going to allow Chelsea to do anything else to hurt Johnny. She said she was done with Chelsea, and Johnny could talk to Chelsea when he was 18, that was fine, but until then, Victoria is done. She insisted that Billy stand by her and let them close the door on it.

Y&R Spoilers Recap: Brother Drama

Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) and Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) shared a table together for a strictly business dinner, and he asked her how she managed to win over the marketing team at Newman Enterprises. Sally explained that she simply did what she’d learned from him — be honest and then dazzle them with her plans. Nick praised her for nailing it, and she noted that she’s no longer trying to work an angle. She expressed her desire to change her whole approach and learn from her mistakes.

Sally said she tended to be impulsive, and Nick said he tended to overthink things. Sally pointed out that’s why they make such a great team because they end up inspiring each other. Then, Sally turned the conversation to Nick’s professional past — New Hope. She wanted to know how it felt for him to leave that work and rejoin the business world at Newman Enterprises. Nick revealed that going back to Newman was invigorating for him, which surprised him.

Y&R Spoilers Recap Nick and Sally

They made a plan for dessert, and Sally let Nick pick — bourbon sauce bread pudding with two spoons — which she declared perfect. Then, Nick wanted to ask her another question.

Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) ran into Chelsea, and he asked her to go on a trip with him and Connor Newman (Judah Mackey). However, Chelsea suggested that Adam make it a father/son trip, and she snarked about him parking Connor at the ranch. Adam tried to talk Chelsea into letting him buy her a meal, and she wasn’t interested. Even so, he pushed, telling Chelsea it would be a favor to him since he’s so tired of eating dinner alone at the bar.

He got her attention by mentioning a console that Connor had asked for. Chelsea agreed with Adam that they needed a united front for Connor regarding their limits for video games. Chelsea reluctantly agreed to have dinner with her ex-husband.

Chelsea and Adam walked into Society and said hello to Nick and Sally. After they walked by, Sally told Nick that Adam knew something was going on between her and Nick. He offered to leave and get dessert elsewhere, but Sally wasn’t willing to miss out on the bread pudding. They ventured close to talking about non-work stuff, but Sally wanted to stick with shop talk only, and Nick agreed to do whatever she wanted. They walked out, and said goodbye because Sally planned to meet Chloe Mitchell Fisher (Elizabeth Hendrickson).

Meanwhile, at Adam and Chelsea’s table, he made a comment about Sally cozying up to her boss. Adam couldn’t believe that Chelsea passed up a chance to get a dig at Sally. Then, Chelsea admitted that Victoria and Billy had told Johnny that she was his biological mother. Adam couldn’t believe that Chelsea hadn’t bothered to tell him since it affected Connor too. Then, Chelsea tearfully admitted that Johnny was upset and didn’t want her in his life at all.

Adam empathized with what a big deal the whole thing was for Chelsea. He pointed out he was there and that Chelsea had wanted to do what was best for Johnny. He advised Chelsea to stop being so hard on herself, and he suggested that she might need a fresh start. Adam even offered to work something out when it came to Connor, too, but he admitted he’d never allow Chelsea to take him away. Adam said Connor needed Chelsea to be strong and healthy. Chelsea said she can’t walk away from Johnny at this point, and she said she owed it to him to stay in Genoa City and handle the fallout.

Nick Newman and Adam Newman The Young and the Restless

Later, Chelsea was in her hotel room holding Johnny’s blanket. Billy stopped by, and he told Chelsea that he and Victoria agreed that Johnny should have some space from Chelsea for now. He apologized, and Chelsea cried. As for Adam, he’d watched Nick and Sally leave Society. Then, he showed up at Newman Enterprises and accused Nick of sleeping with Sally.

Coming Up Next On Y&R Spoilers: A Reality Check

Coming up next, you can expect to see Nick give his brother Adam a reality check. While Adam certainly suspects that something is going on between Nick and Sally, he’s unable to get a straight answer, which of course, drives him crazy. Nick probably isn’t going to sleep and tell just yet, and Adam isn’t going to appreciate that.

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